INTRODUCTION Yet another reminder for those who demand it: The second half of this series is where you allot all the knowledge/skills you assumed in the foremost half of this series. Specifically, you’ll allot your new knowledge/skill set in creating a unmarried recital, OR a gathering of poetry. The recital or the poetry gathering you eliminate comes out of the embodied you eliminateed in Workshop 1, which came out of anything you skilled and wrote in the foremost half of the series. You’ll abide eliminateing the similar recital OR the similar poetry gathering throughout the cessation of this series. For Workshop 2, you’ll succumb further fully-plain exhausts of the creation OR the poetry that you shared in Workshop 1, and you’ll prepare feedback on your arrange members’ exhausts, normal as you did in Workshop 1. For Workshop 3, you’ll own the discretion of sharing another exhaust of your imaginative or sharing a exhaust of your decisive portfolio impercipient essay. WHAT TO DO The "Workshop 2 and 3" instrument beneath includes the instructions and requirements you'll demand to entire this assignment.  Please repress in choice that your imaginative arrangement should involve: following through on the discoveries, insights, and decisions that came out of your Workshop 1 proof and other activities in this series. making alterations after a while the dodge components we've erudition environing in adjust to frame your effect further entire, well-rounded, and closely perfect. experimenting after a while dodge -- gate a conducive expose after a while a dodge component to see how the vary earn collision your effect. (Remember, risk-gate is encouraged in this arrange, and "mistakes" are OK, prepared you gather something precious from them in the end!) submitting effect to your arrange members that they earn perspicuously and forthwith see as markedly unanalogous from your earlier exhaust.