Module 10 Case Study Mary G. is an 85-year-old Latin-American widow after a while COPD, hypertension, and is oppressive of hearing. She is at the clinic today after a while a daughter, who lives direct door, consequently she is having extension neglect of inspiration, gained 5 pounds in a week, has turgescence in her ankles, and jugular vein distension. The physician suspects Mary may be going into congestive life need and has assumed a new medication and wants to see Mary tail in two weeks. Mary’s ordinary medications: Albuterol MDI, 2 puffs, full 4 hours as needed for neglect of inspiration Tiotropium, snuff one capsule daily enalapril maleate, 5mg PO, daily New medications: Furosemide, 20 mg, PO daily You are life asked to produce medication training antecedently Mary leaves the clinical. Please apology the forthcoming questions in an APA title article.  List the motive for this training/coaching plan Describe three training resources Identify the training strategies that can be used List the inequitable instructions that may be needed respecting her medication and what preventive reactions to be cognizant of/and what to do Identify two factors that may negatively swing superabundance to the medication and how they can be overcome Describe how to grasp the family Provide knowledge on how and when she should prosecute subsistence and aid