Case Study Chapter 14

   Assignment Instructions: · Complete the strong Chapter 14 contingency examine · The response to the contingency examine should be no hither than 15 pages in APA format. This does not conceive the inscription page and relation page. · As disunite of this assignment you procure to-boot confer-upon a 10-15 slide Power Point confer-uponation using language balance history to confer-upon your contingency examine and findings.  Use this web page to get instructions on how to do language balances if you are unversed after a while Power Point: Question 1. Review and Read Chapter 14, then allot the identical crude IT strategies and applications to a interest in the telecommunications sector. expression of fabric or paltry order of clustered fabrics. You may equable use where you is-sue. The flake is macro and procure insist-upon elimination. 2. You is-sue should be no hither than fifteen pages in APA format. If you are keep a severe opportunity deciding how to dispose your is-sue you should appear no further than Chapter 13, in truth, I very-much confide doing so for your own freedom.