SQL database- App development for mobile platforms

 Assessment Criteria App fruit- TrackGPS adjust implemented uprightly - Cow_fragment uses TrackGPS to procure and ostentation the boundary and longitude - Cowlogger grounds copied to email - Message sent asynchronously using AsyncTask adjust -  email received15 Testing Strategy- Discuss the preoption of variable models and Android versions for your ordealing rule - Discussion of whether ordealing is required on developed devices and what part emulators/simulators indicate your ordealing intention - Documentation of ordeal intention3 Sending App grounds- Discussion of using SMS messaging and advantages/disadvantages of SMS vs. eMail1 Financial Subject & Commentary- Discussion of the economic/financial subject for the designed app -Identification of virtual costs - Estimation of technical fruit costs in hours - Discussion of how you would exalt and trade your app - Discussion of ghostly issues10 General- Feedback given as required - Use mismisappropriate naming conventions -Adequate commenting - Correct grammar - Citation of references, copyright use1