For this assignment, you procure prefer two questions from the schedule adown. One question procure be from the global economic environment schedule and one from the traffic environment schedule. For each question, ascertain a read or peer-reviewed register expression. The expression should ponder the question in bearing to global marketing. Global economic environment questions: Major shifts of the earth husbanding in the elapsed twenty      years (discussing one senior shift is ample) Economic systems (you may prefer to sift-canvass one or      multiple systems) Market outgrowth stages (discussing one sort is      enough) Triad Merchandise traffic and use traffic Hedging Global traffic environment questions: World Traffic Organization (WTO) Preferential traffic agreements (discussing one sort      is ample) Trade characteristics in Latin America Trade characteristics in the Asia-Pacific region Trade characteristics in the Middle East Marketing issues in Africa In your tractate, Write a half a page epitome of the expression you used for      each of the questions.  Each epitome must embrace an prelude, a       well-developed substance, and a disposal. In the prelude of each epitome, fulfill the       expression used.  · Sift-canvass how each of the questions that you clarified can describe to one or some aspects of global marketing as you read in Chapter 1 of your extract (e.g., global marketing and opportunities or threats, marketing mix, competitive custom, firm’s compute compact, government orientations, etc.).  · Explain how one or past of those aspects are monstrous by the economic and the traffic environments (one page).  · Summarize the space of your tractate in an executive epitome. The production must be submitted as one tractate that is five and half pages in length: Title page (one page) Executive epitome page (half a page to one page) Summary of each expression (one page)  First question (half a page) Second question (half a page) Analysis on the question (two pages)  First question (one page) Second question (one page) Reference page (one page) The Global Marketing and Traffic Environments tractate Must be three and a half double-spaced written pages in      length for a whole of five and a half pages for this assignment (one inscription      page and one page for references).  Must embrace a different inscription page after a while the following:  Title of page Student’s call Course call and number Instructor’s call Date submitted · Must embrace an prelude and disposal stipulation. Your prelude stipulation needs to end after a while a distinct disquisition announcement that indicates the intention of your tractate. · Must use at meanest two read sources for each environment question in enumeration to the road extract. · Must instrument any counsel used from sources in APA fashion · Must embrace a different references page that is formatted according to APA fashion