Assignment Final Project

   IT Driving Profession Management and Digital Transformation  Select an diligence (your diligence or another) and weigh how IT systems and profession strategies focused on digital interactions can qualify the way companies are doing profession. IT systems can qualify how a guild interacts delay its customers, partners, and suppliers, how employees do their exertion and the integral species of how a guild operates. Delay the concept of “digital enterprise” companies may be rethinking their integral approximation to doing profession, resting on IT/digital systems for efficiencies, geographical strain, encircling the clock operations and innovating ways of attractive delay customers. Innovative companies are so disrupting unwritten industries and smooth creating new industries – examples embrace Amazon (the “everything” provision), Airbnb (a marketplace connecting travelers and hosts), Uber (ride-sharing), and divers others.  Your Challenge:  Select a prototypical guild delayin your chosen diligence (it could so be the guild you are exertioning for) and fashion a design on how the guild can use IT technologies and systems to qualify the way it is doing profession and qualify itself. Weigh the prevalent and covet account defys the guild may be facing (competitive pressures, the insufficiency to impair costs, the insufficiency to acception efficiencies and productivity, force to extend and spread, evolving customer preferences and insufficiencys, etc.). Your design should prepare a broad approximation to use IT technologies to oration the guild defys. Outline the advenient expectation of how the guild can be permitted delay the use of IT and digital technologies, and prepare examples of how the new expectation achieve application interactions delay customers, partners, suppliers, inner operations, and employee activities. Try to be fanciful and innovative in using digital technologies to qualify profession strategies. Explain the steps insufficiencyed to tool your management and initiate a digital qualifyation.  Create your confutation to this defy as a design you achieve refer to profession management commencement in your chosen guild. Format your confutation as an APA tract and embrace a bibliography delay references/sources you keep consulted in preparing your design.