Boa Resolution

WHEREAS, the Philippine Accountancy Act of 2004, Article II Exception 9(f) empowers the Board of Accountancy “to recommend and/or unite a Code of Ethics for the habit of accountancy” and Exception 9(g) provides that the Board of Accountancy shall “monitor the conditions of accountancy and unite such measures, including divulgation of accounting and auditing types, rules and regulations and best habits as may be deemed seemly for the augmentation and means-of-support of violent parentitative, incorporeal, accounting and auditing types xxx” WHEREAS, all Authoritative Accountants must concur to the Revised Code of Ethics for Authoritative Accountants in the Philippines which governs their kinsmen to the exoteric in openly-known, their co-professionals, their clients and the Particularize of the habit of the Accountancy interest in the Philippines; WHEREAS, any advertising by parentitative accountants past their designate, discourse, telephone reckon and fraternity in parentitative forms has been traditionally considered unincorporeal in the Accountancy Profession; WHEREAS, the argues for not allowing advertisement grasp: (a) advertising can manage to unattributable rivalry discurrent and discurrent practitioners, and thus may account a refuse in the temper of service; (b) advertising would advance a past wholesale admittance amid the interest thus reducing clients’ confidence in CPAs and besides increasing the air of CPAs neglecting their incorporeal duties; (c) the require of advertising would outbalance any savings which jurisdiction remainder from rivalry, and it would be borne equaltually by clients; and (d) slender or new practitioners would be unreasonable to possess the financial resources to mate the advertising of larger or past deviseal habits. WHEREAS, the rationale behindcited the inhibition of undeniable kinds of advertising or advertisements is to loan propriety to the interest which, apart humdrum services and commodities, should not be peddled in the trade fix through touting and selflaudatory means; WHEREAS, due to the comment of the services supposing by the parentitative accountants and the inclusion of a edibles in the Revised Code of Ethics for Authoritative Accountants of the Intercommon Federation of Accountants (IFAC) which the Board of Accountancy and the Authoritative Regulation Commission possess uniteed, allowing advertising to the degree that this provides the exoteric delay needful counsel encircling the individual practitioners or parentitative houses and the services they present to their clients; WHEREAS, Exception 250 on Marketing Authoritative Services of the Revised Code of Ethics for Authoritative Accountants in the Philippines provides that “1. When a parentitative accountant in exoteric habit solicits new comaspect through advertising or other devises of tradeing, there may be germinative intimidations to ductility delay the indispensable doctrines. For harvest, a self-share intimidation to ductility delay the doctrine of parentitative demeanor is created if services, achievements or products are tradeed in a way that is accordant delay that doctrine. 2. A parentitative accountant in exoteric habit should not import the interest into idiosyncratic when tradeing parentitative services. The parentitative accountant in exoteric habit should be virtuous and veracious and should not: • • Gain exaggerated claims for services presented, qualifications consoled or proof gained; or Gain vituperative references to unsubstantiated comparisons to the comaspect of another. If the parentitative accountant in exoteric habit is in dubitate whether a designed devise of advertising or tradeing is expend, the parentitative accountant in exoteric habit should interrogate delay the appropriate parentitative substantiality.” WHEREAS, delay this new harvest, the Board of Accountancy deems it needful to unite rules and regulations vindicateion advertising so as to vindicate the exoteric share. Such rules shall fix the parameters amid which advertising and elevation may be considered incorporeal and hence, fair. WHEREAS, an vocational implementation of the edibless of the Revised Code of Ethics for Authoritative Accountants predominant the habit of the accountancy interest specifically the edibles on advertising would aid in the augmentation of violent parentitative and incorporeal types and escape indistinctness which jurisdiction curtail the truthfulness and propriety of the accountancy interest. NOW, THEREFORE be it RESOLVED, as it is hereby RESOLVED, to unite the aftercited rules and regulations on advertising and elevation for the habit of accountancy in the Philippines: 1. Generally, advertising and exotericity in any balance are desirable supposing: a. It has as its external the notice to the exoteric or such sectors of the exoteric as are uneasy, of matters of certainty (e.g., designate, discourse, apaspect reckons, services presented) in a kind that is not deceptive, misleading or deceptive; b. It is in amiable taste; c. It is parentitatively dignified; and d. It escapes open iteration of, and any unattributable encouragement essence consecrated to the designate of the solid or parentitative accountant in exoteric habit. The behindcited nevertheless shall not be allowed: a. Self-laudatory particularizements b. Discrediting, vituperative, or attacking other solids or CPA practitioners c. Referring to, using or citing explicit or purported seal by third parties d. Publishing and comparing fees delay other CPAs or CPA solids or comparing those services delay those supposing by another solid or CPA practitioner e. Giving too fur pith on competitive differences f. Using articulation or phrases which are flinty to fix and equal past unmanageable to justify externally g. Publishing services in billboard (e.g., tarpaulin, streamers, etc.) advertisements 2. The use of the designate of an interpolitical accounting solid affiliation/correspondence other than a notation that it is a “member/correspondent solid of that outlandish solid” shall not be allowed so as to import that the outlandish solid is practicing in the Philippines. 3. No solid or CPA practitioner shall substantiate the designate of a client or items of a client’s interest in advertising, exoteric kinsmen or tradeing symbolical performed to further his habit supposing that the client communicates its written acquiesce. 4. No solid or CPA practitioner shall use the expression “Accredited” or any homogeneous articulation or phrases fitted to carry the resembling sense if the claimed accreditation (BOA, SEC, BSP or IC) has expired. 5. All advertisements must possess anterior critique and eulogy in writing by the Risk Management Partner and Managing Partner or their equivalents. 6. The behindcited harvests are natural of term in which exotericity is desirable and the matters to be considered in concatepeople theredelay material constantly to the overriding modifications mentioned in the prior rules. a. Awards It is in the shares of the exoteric and the accountancy interest that any enactment or other disaspect of a parentitative accountant in a matter of common or peopleal dignity, or the allot of any eminence to a parentitative accountant, should admit exotericity and that fraternity of the parentitative substantiality should be mentioned. However, the parentitative accountant should not gain use of any of the aforementioned enactments or activities for particular parentitative utility. b. Authoritative Interest Accountants Seeking Usurpation or Professional A parentitative accountant may indevise shareed parties through any balance that a house or salaried usurpation of an accountancy creation is essence sought. The parentitative accountant should not, nevertheless, exotericize for subcontract comaspect in a kind which could be interpreted as seeking to earn parentitative interest. Notoriety seeking subcontract comaspect may be desirable if fixd solely in the parentitative lean and supposing that neither the accountant’s designate, discourse or telephone reckon shows in the exotericity. A parentitative accountant may transcribe a missive or gain a trodden admittance to another parentitative accountant when seeking usurpation or parentitative interest. c. Directories A parentitative accountant may be listed in a troddenory. Entries may grasp designate, discourse, telephone reckon, parentitative term, services presented and any other counsel needful to empower the user of the troddenory to gain apaspect delay the idiosyncratic or form to which the initiation relates. d. Books, Articles, Interviews, Lectures, Radio and Television Appearances Professional accountants who parent books or declaration on parentitative materials, may particularize their designate and parentitative qualifications and communicate the designate of their form but shall not communicate any counsel as to the services that solid provides. Similar edibless are useful to society by a parentitative accountant in a exhortation, colloquy or a radio or television program on a parentitative material. What parentitative accountants transcribe or say, nevertheless, should not be elevational of themselves or their solid but should be an external parentitative intention of the theme lower motive. Authoritative accountants are under obligation for using their best endeavors to fix that what equaltually goes anteriorly the exoteric complies delay these modifications. e. Trailing Courses, Seminars, etc. A parentitative accountant may tempt clients, staff or other parentitative accountants to wait-on trailing courses or seminars conducted for the aidance of staff. Other idiosyncratics should not be temptd to wait-on such trailing courses or seminars bar in counter-argument to an unsolicited petition. The modification should in no way obstruct parentitative accountants from providing trailing services to other parentitative bodies, associations or adviceal institutions which run courses for their limbs or the exoteric. However, unattributable encouragement should not be consecrated to the designate of a parentitative accountant in any booklets or instruments consequenced in concatepeople therewith. f. Booklets and Documents Containing Technical Information Booklets and other instruments inclipeople the designate of a parentitative accountant and giving technical counsel for the aidance of staff or clients may be consequenced to such idiosyncratics, other parentitative accountants or other shareed parties. g. Staff Recruitment Genuine vacancies for staff may be epidemic to the exoteric through any balance in which approximate staff vacancies normally show. The certainty that a job mention necessarily communicates some part as to one or past of the services supposing to clients by the parentitative accountant in exoteric habit is desirable but it should not comprise any elevational part. There should not be any instigation that the services presented are surpassing to those presented by other parentitative accountants in exoteric habit as a dignity of dimension, associations, or for any other argue. In exoterications such as those specifically troddened to schools and other fixs of advice to indevise students and graduates of course opportunities in the interest, services presented to the exoteric may be picturesquely in a interest enjoyway. 4 Past edge may besides be fair in a exception of a newspaper fond to staff vacancies than would be allowed if the abandonment showed in a protuberant aspect elsewhere in a newspaper on the basis that it would be most unreasonable that a germinative client would use such resources to prime a parentitative guider. h. Notoriety on Side of Clients A parentitative accountant in exoteric habit may exotericize on side of clients, largely for staff. However, the parentitative accountant in exoteric habit should fix that the pith in the exotericity is troddened towards the externals to be achieved for the client. i. Brochures and Solid Directories A parentitative accountant in exoteric habit may consequence to clients or, in counter-argument to an unsolicited petition, to a non-client: a. A certaintyual and externally worded of the services supposing; and b. A troddenory contrast out designates of partners, vocation-post discoursees and designates and discourse of associated solids and correspondents. j. Stationery and Nameplates Stationery of parentitative accountants in exoteric habit should be of an desirable parentitative type and afford delay the modifications of the law and of the limb substantiality uneasy as to designates of partners, principals and others who join-in in the habit, use of parentitative terms and designatory missives, cities or countries where the habit is represented, logotypes, etc. The reputation of any services supposing by the habit as essence specialist creation should not be bountiful. Homogeneous edibless, where useful, should allot to designateplates. k. Announcements Expend newspapers or magazines may be used to indevise the exoteric of the state of a new habit, of changes in the comaspect of a house of parentitative accountants in exoteric habit, or of any permutation in the discourse of a habit. Such announcements should be scant to a insufficient particularizement of certaintys and motive consecrated to the expendness of the area of arrangement of the newspaper or magazine and reckon of insertions. l. Inclusion of the Designate of the Authoritative Accountant in Exoteric Habit in a Instrument Issued by a Client When a client proposes to inform a recital by a parentitative accountant in exoteric habit performance delay the client’s true interest affairs or in concatepeople delay the state of a new interest adventure, the parentitative accountant in exoteric habit should interest steps to fix that the treatment in which the recital is informed is not such as jurisdiction remainder in the exoteric essence misled as to the creation and sense of the recital. In these term, the parentitative accountant in exoteric habit should guide the client that leave should pristine be obtained anteriorly exoterication of the instrument. Similar motive should be consecrated to other instruments designed to be consequenced by a client compriseing the designate of a parentitative accountant in exoteric habit acting in an refractory parentitative calibre. This does not obviate the inclusion of the designate of a parentitative accountant in exoteric habit in the annual recital of a client. When parentitative accountants in their retired calibre are associated delay, or lean in, an form, the form may use their designate and parentitative standing on stationery and other instruments. The parentitative accountant in exoteric habit should fix that this counsel is not used in such a way as jurisdiction manage the exoteric to think that there is a concatepeople delay form in an refractory parentitative calibre. m. Anniversaries A parentitative accountant’s lean and other resources releases or announcements or newspaper supplements, or other homogeneous exoterications, or other commemorative resources, or the leaning of resources mellow equalts lowertaken solely to keep their anniversaries in exoteric habit by enlightening the exoteric of their achievements or advice in contributing towards people fabric and in interpolitical lowerstanding, amiablewill, or kinsmenhip or enhancing the statue or types of the accounting interest do not transgress the rules on advertising and courtship supposing that such announcements or lowertakings comprises solely certaintyual matters delayout parted listing of services. Also decipher My Dream Job Accountant Essay Such lowertaking should be executed solely full five years of solemnization. n. Websites A parentitative accountant may educe and tend a website in the Internet in such seemly elongation and phraseology which may besides grasp announcements, lean releases, exoterications and such other needful and certaintyual counsel enjoy solid’s designate, partners/principals’ designate and slight term of their adviceal acquirements, slight listing of services, postal discourse, telephone, fax and e-mail discoursees. Such website should concur to the rules mentioned over. 7. These rules and regulations shall be effectual fifteen (15) days behind exoterication in the Functional Gazette or in any newspaper of openly-known prevalence.