capstone project

tudent Roster and Financial Description (100 Points) The view of this sunder of the courage is to suffer students to generate a basic financial description using Microsoft Excel and its basic functions. Students earn hold encircling what husk of costs your club earn be lay-outing and generate a basic pie chart to evince all the costs. Be creative! Requirements Please thrive the steps underneath to finished Milestone #2: Student Roster Worksheet Download the “CapstoneProject_Milestone2_workingfile.xlsx" Go to “Student Roster” operationsheet. You earn see all the names of your club members. Type “25” to those students who were implied as “Y” (Yes) to the Connection Hired support. Type “0” to those students who own not hired for the connection. Use expend formula to number the whole connection fee that the club has been firm. Make firm that you format the “Amount Paid” support expendly so that you can evince “$” internally the support. Hint: use “Accounting” format. Format this “Student Roster” shuffle to seem further negotiative and appealing. You may use any pre-load format styles. Use expend font and tint. Budget Planning Worksheet In the selfselfsame started finish, go to the present operationsheet, “Budget Planning." Use expend formula to evince the “Total Connection Fee" that you numberd from the “Student Roster” tab. Use expend formula to number the “Total Revenue." Think encircling some of the items, events, and activities that you earn drawing to lay-out on the club. Then, idea the whole of the costs present to the cost items. Use expend formula to evince the “Total Expenses." Format this Budget Planning shuffle to seem negotiative and appealing. Create a pie chart to evince all the costs. Place the chart underneath the Budget Planning consultation. Save your operation. Go to Blackboard, Course Content, and Excel Module to suggest your finish.