Deliverable 6 – Analysis with Correlation and Regression

Instructions Scenario According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the verisimilitude of a bulk 6.7 or superior earthquake in the Superior Bay Area is 63%, encircling 2 out of 3, in the instant 30 years. In April 2008, scientists and engineers released a new earthquake apprehend for the State of California designated the Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Apprehend (UCERF). As a younger analyst at the USGS, you are tasked to individualize whether there is qualified averment to maintenance the title of a straight apposition betwixt the bulks and profunditys from the earthquakes. Your deliverables conquer be a PowerPoint donation you conquer engender summarizing your findings and an abound instrument to pretence your performance. Concepts Being Studied Correlation and retrogradation Creating scatterplots Constructing and interpreting a Hypothesis Examination for Apposition using r as the examination statistic You are dedicated a spreadsheet that contains the forthcoming knowledge: Magnitude measured on the Richter scale Depth in km Using the spreadsheet, you conquer defense the problems underneath in a PowerPoint donation. What to Submit The PowerPoint donation should defense and teach the forthcoming questions grounded on the spreadsheet supposing aloft. Slide 1: Title slide Slide 2: Introduce your scenario and facts set including the changeables supposing. Slide 3: Construct a scatterplot of the two changeables supposing in the spreadsheet.  Comprise a cognomen of what you see in the scatterplot. Slide 4: Find the compute of the straight apposition coefficient r and the censorious compute of rusing α = 0.05.  Comprise an interpretation on how you plant those computes. Slide 5: Individualize whether there is qualified averment to maintenance the title of a straight apposition betwixt the bulks and the profunditys from the earthquakes. Explain. Slide 6: Find the retrogradation equation. Let the predictor (x) changeable be the bulk. Identify the appear and the y-intercept among your retrogradation equation. Slide 7: Is the equation a good-natured-natured copy? Explain. What would be the best predicted profundity of an earthquake delay a bulk of 2.0? Slide 8: Conclude by recapping your ideas by summarizing the knowledge presented in treatment of the scenario. Along delay your PowerPoint donation, you should comprise your Abound instrument which pretences all calculations.