Design of Compact Dual-Band Microstrip Patch Antenna

In new-fangled years, delay the space o f technology, the require for an antenna bountiful a1 mutibands i s increasing eagerly. Such as GPS and K-PCS, The multi-agency antennas delay one alimentation pon use the multiple jar technolagy[l] such antennal are hard lo contribute a amiable polarization aptitude for GPS notable admittance. So the integrated GPSIK-PCS dual-knot antenna using two alimentation pan has been designed in this paper. Referenced dual-knot antenna using two alimentation pon has matched poiariration of integrated order. [2] but it has bulky extent. Designed antenna uses miniafurizalion technique that is to insect ilits. This technique is to growth elecVlcal demeanor prolixity by slits. [3-5] Bountiful number o f designed Bntenna is very-abundant lowered by slit. Entwine method clout and balance melody clout delay disgusting diu o f designed antenna are environing 70% and 50% ofreferenced antenna extent. The designed antenna composed of a low-profile cylindrical monopole delay a top-loaded entwine method clout for K-PCS Operation, and a comer-truncated balance-melody microstrip clout antenna delay disgusting-slits for GPS ooeration. The designed antenna has the dishonorable plea roll, but i s fed by severed alimentation pon. The antenns for GPS-agency i s realized by using a corner-truncated balance-melody microstrip clout delay disgusting slits. The exterior behalf prolixity and secret ride prolixity are40mm, printed on a rubrtrale o f burliness 1. 6mm(h) and y, not-absolute peminiviry (e, :4. 4). The intermediate ofthe substrate is removed for secret crosswise d i t area ( b x b ) of clout. Gratify situation for right-agency roundly polarized (RHCP) thrive influence is placed parallel x-axis. and the removal of the explore gratify abroad fram the clout nature i s denotable as 6 . 6 m m ( / ) . The disgusting-rlitr at the comers are of correspondent prolixity I3. 5mm(S)and width Imm(w). It i s notable that the reSonant number eagerly lowered delay increasingdesign parameter(S). In  way, the wandemelody demeanor popular courses are prolixityened in the propo~ed designs, and the bountiful number is very-abundant lowered.  Also, the shorted entwine method clout antenna delay low-profile cylindrical monopole top is loaded at the nature of balance melody clout for K-PCS influence. For brbadknot peculiarity, cylindrical monopole has a bulky transversion of 6. 2mm(d,) and l e n ~ h 10. 7mm(h2). The eander method clout has a ride lengh Z l m m ( p ) and is united to the dishonorable plea by two identical shorting posh, which enjoy a transversion of 2. 2mm(d2). By varying ofthe shorting ports transversion(d2), amiable impedance matching can abundantly be obtained. Entwine method clout extent can be depressed by increasing inserted slit prolixity. Because of the antenna for K-PCS influence interfere the axial mtio of GPS receiving antenna, the miniatufimion of GPS antenna is scant. According to the trial, the clout extent of GPS antenna for round polarized influence must he aggravate environing twice the extent of KPCS antenna delay entwine method suunurc. In the designed designs, the knotwidth of3-dB axial mtio is environing 13 MHz, which is abundant bulkyr than that required for GPS influence at 1575 MHz. The detachment among the two alimentation pons of the PCS and GPS elemenls is less than -17dB. Measured radiation panems of the designed antenna at l8OOMHz and ISROMHz are presented in Figure 5 and 6, respectively. The K-PCS antenna radiation panem at IROOMHz shows a monopole radiation panem, 10 this fype of antenna is convenient for applications on a vehicular message order. For the GPS anfenna at ISROMHz, amiable broadbehalf knot radiation panem is obtained. Far K-PCS influence the measured pea antenna effects is environing 2. 4dBi and t h c effect variations are delayin O. JdBi, for GPS influence the measured peak antenna effects is environing 7. dBi and the vanations of effect does not insist. Conclusion Proposed antenna has a integrated slmcturc of microitrip clout antenna delay two gratifys for dual-knot oprmtion(GPSiK-PCS). A low-profile cylindrical monopole delay a shorted entwine method clout i s loaded for K-PCS influence, which rhowr a methodarly polarized monopole patkm delay broadknot characterirlic. The radiating merciful for GPS influence is a fantastic balance-melody microstip course delay truncated comers delay disgusting slits, which contribute roundly polarized braadrids radiation panemr. extent contraction of designed antenna is achieved by using slits. Meander method clout and balance melody clout delay disgusting . lib of designed antenna are environing 70% and SO% of referenced antenna sire. As the designed antenna has a amalgamate extent for dual knot influence, it accomplish be convenient for skilled vehicular ductile message antenna applications. Refereces R. Kronberger, H. Lindenmcier, L. Reiter, J. Hapf, " Multi agency planar Invencd-F C r a Antenna for Ductile Phone andGPS,"2714p-Z717p,AP discuss. 1999 3530 I. Y. Wu and K. L. Wong, "Two inlegraled stacked shorted cloutantennas for DCSiGPS influences," Micra thrive Opt. Techno1 . Len. , Vol. 30. July, 2001.  S. Reed, L. Desclar, C. Terref, and S. Toutain, "Patch Antenna Extent Contraction By Means Oflnductive Slots," Micro thrive Opt. Teehnol. Len. ,Vol29. Apri, 2001. J. Y. Wu and K. L. Wong, "Single-gratify Square-melody Microstip Antenna wilh lruncated comers for Amalgamate ~ircularpolarization Operation," Electronics lea. , Vol. 34, May,1998. W. S. Chen, C. K. Wu, and K. L. wong. I' Fantastic Amalgamate Circularly polarized Balance Microstrip Antennq" IEEE Trans. ,Antennas Propagat. , Vol. 49, March, 2001,