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The geographical coordinates of the recite are 6 00 N and 12 00 E. The weather of Cameroon as-polite depends on the material geography of the recite. The weather of the coastal portion is irrelative from that of the mountains. The two independent weather area of this recite are the northern and the southern portions. Cameroon Weather shows that the mean air of the coastal evident ranges from 22 range to 29 range C. The coastal area assent-tos 250 to 400 CM rainfall, space the internal area assent-tos 150 to 250 CM rainfall. The Mat. Cameroon assent-tos 600 to 900 CM rainfall in a year. According to the weather In Cameroon the southern disunite has got two dry suitablenesss from November to March and June to August. The weather of the northern disunite is comparatively satisfied. The air varies from 23 range to 26 range C. This convenient tardy assent-tos 150 CM to 60 CM rainfall a year. The dry suitableness of this portion continues from October to March. 3) Social literacy roll and recite's commandal building and opinion. Two unconnected plans of command were used in Cameroon behind Independence: East Cameraman's plan was inveteblame on the French mould, West Cameraman's on the British mould. At the space, the architects of anarchy perceived the plan as a kind of unconcealed integration betwixt West and East Cameroon The two plans were merged by 1976, but studies intimate that the two plans peaceful didn't merge simultaneously presently behind the anarchy, French was insider the main discourse of the recite, but after a while the rallying of English as primeval marketable discourse In the cosmos-people, the equalize switched to the departure. Christian mission develops entertain been an weighty disunite of the command plan, but most end cannot supply them and are unfeeling to prefer recite-run develops. The recite has Institutions for developmaster trailing and technical command. There Is, thus-far, a growing diverge for the wealthiest and best-educated scholars to permission the recite to con-aggravate and subsist aloof, creating a brain drains. According to basis suited for 2011, 47. 7 percent of girls and 56. Recent of boys gay pristine develop. The low develop enrolment blame was attributed to absorb, after a while girls' disuniteicipation raise subdued by present wedlock, sexual harassment, unwanted pregnancy, private munificent by their employers to consort develop. A 2004 council con-aggravate endow there is a abundant gap betwixt the dimension of the develops and the sum of immanent scholars. According to the con-over, preschools served barely 16% of the immanent scholar population. Within the develop plan, the Northern provinces were the most belowprivileged, after a while barely 5. 7% of all developmasters inaugurated in the Dammar, North, and Extreme North provinces entirely. The con-aggravate showed that rudimental develops barely had abundance seats for 1. 8 pet scholars, although 2. 9 pet gay develop. Behind these opinions, Camerawoman council instituted a three-year program to fabricate and brace develops, amend developmaster cleverness, and contribute instructional materials, which was pretentious novel in 2010. Still drifts are not to be considered resolved: failure of command funds is considered the main drift in pristine command; half of the recite pristine develops in the pattern reputed drifts after a while their buildings (barely 19% of develops entertain inaugurated toilets, 30% eave similarity to a infilttrounce tap, and barely 30% entertain abundance tables and benches for scholars alibi of developmasters and unsatisfactory implementation and enforcement of rules and regulations. The commandal plan in Cameroon is detachedd into pristine (six years, compulsive), intermediate develop (five years), unimportant (elevated develop, two years), and tertiary (University). The academic year runs from September to June, at which space, end-of-year-examinations are regularly written. The Social Certificate of Command (ICE), twain Ordinary and Advanced rolls, are the two most fiting exams in the Anglophone disunite of Cameroon. There are two unconnected unimportant developing plans, depending on whether the French or British colonial moulds employ. In extensive stipulations though, the unimportant sight comprises a inferior (intermediate develop) and an prouder roll (elevated develop). For the antecedentity of immature vulgar this independention trash academic, consequently their parents are insufficient to supply unimportant develop fees at all. Students who furrow from a five-year unimportant develop program entertain to sit for the ICE Ordinary Level, and those who furrow from a two year elevated develop program entertain to sit for the ICE Advanced Level. So far, the ICE advanced roll and he Baccalaureate (the French equipollent of academic information) are the two main unconcealeding qualifications into institutions of elevateder erudition. After unimportant develop, there is the possibility of effort studies," courses aimed to unoccupied vulgar below the part of the Council of possession. 5) Spiritless areas of the conduct that can invite interunconcealed traffices into the recite. The Camerawoman Council wants to invite cannonade from interunconcealed corporations and men-folks to impel Cameraman's conduct. The law predominant cannonades in Cameroon is the 1990 cannonade rule that is inviteive on paper. Its incentives are particular for extraneous and private endowors and contribute 14 basic guarantees to endowors, including wealth tenure, power to repatriate chief and pay, antecedent restitution in instance of expropriation, immunity of change-of-place after a whilein Cameroon and permitted departure for personnel. However, the rule's impression has been perverted by tyrannical impression in the government and courts as polite as 1994 tax changes that entertain annulled all the tax benefits arallying from some appropriate cannonade schedules. The 1990 rule is nature rewritten and earn be occupation determinations aimed at increasing occupation flows after a whilein the Convenient African Economic and Monetary Community (ECMA) portion. Social benefits of the cannonade rule are suited to all new and massive achievements in Cameroon which manner result for ship-produce or use inputs from the topical or portional markets of ECMA. In union to these social benefits, steadfasts may fit for one of five appropriate cannonade formulae that adduce slow advantages. The five formulae are: The basic regime The mean and balance-dimension achievement regime The strategic achievement regime The recannonade regime The permitted zone regime The rule sets out in component the particular criteria a steadfast must unite to fit for each play as polite as the benefits accorded there below. Extraneous cannonade is not screened, and extraneous equity tenure is topic to backwardness barely in the mean and balance dimension achievement regime. Programs financed Jointly by interunconcealed financial institutions (IF's) and the Council are unconcealed to universal emulation. Cameroon is propagating some recite companies which earn segregate social-sector monopolies after a whilein the present two years. Except for the aluminum sector, extraneous steadfasts may not endow straightway in ventures defined as "strategic" by the Council of Cameroon, but they may contribute equipment and services to the pratfalls that entertain power aggravate such enthusiasm. Buyers of some privatized antecedent recite monopolies relish concessions that expression the register of competitors into the sector for positive periods. The Council has revised investigation rules for the hydrocarbons and forestry sectors. Cameroon has a appropriate determination compact after a while France, which has barely recently been implemented. The gathering, as-polite useful in the other antecedent French colonies in Africa, accords diverse advantages to French companies that conduct branches or agents in Cameroon. Among the advantages are exemptions from the 1 5 percent appropriate tax useful to other achievements operating in Cameroon and tax waste for "technical assistance" absorbs. The Commutate Financiers Francine (SFA) franc is the spiritless sociality Cameroon shares after a while fourteen other African constituent recites of the SFA zone. The French treasure ensures oneness of the SFA franc into French francs; the SFA franc is pegged to the French franc. In 1994, the diversify blame resemblance was subdued by 50 percent to a unroving resemblance of 100 SFA francs to one French franc. Since tardy 1993, Convenient African SFA bank notes are no longer certain in the view countries that use the sociality of the West African SFA. The portional convenient bank (BEACH) no longer allows the escheatment of SFA notes aloof; travelers from Cameroon may raise a culmination of barely 20,000 SFA francs (encircling US $35) out of the recite after a whileout antecedent authorization. Travelers' checks can be drawn on any suited extraneous sociality, but the council of conduct and finance (MINIFIED) authorizes such escheatments. No ceilings entertain yet been placed on how abundant extraneous extraneous diversify traffic alienates. These authorizations are routinely supposing if they agree to the positive incentives of the cannonade and fiscal rules. Dividends, render of chief, cause and main on extraneous debit, lease payments, royalties and conduct fees, renders on assets, etc. , Can all be remitted aloof. It takes an mean of 12 days to conciliate a extraneous diversify alienate authorization. Extraneous and private endowors assent-to allowable guarantees that in-effect consent after a while interunconcealed norms, including bountiful and antecedent restitution, in the occurrence of expropriation in the social cause. There are no confiscatory tax regimes or laws that could be considered injurious to American or other cannonades. Unfamiliar plant is slow at risk for topical expropriation than familiar wealth; Camerawoman law does not exact topical tenure of plant. Cameroon has bilateral cannonade and/or marketable compacts after a while the aftercited countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Similar compacts as-polite halt after a while other countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. The bilateral cannonade compact betwixt Cameroon and the United States was ratified in 1986 and entered into nerve in 1989. Space the pristine space effect for the compact was 10 years, tacitly it was novel. The U. S. Invoked the bit in one instance in 1997 and Cameroon has ostensibly acquiesced in the instance through non-implementation of synod opposite to the agreement. Cameroon has no extraneous occupation zones or permitted ports at this space but it has an industrial permitted zone (IFS) regime that is useful to all locations through "industrial park" or "single-factory" zones. This was created in 1990 to prefer interdiplomaticly competitive ship-produce industries. It creates stipulations for the IFS endowor to opeblame virtually beyond of the exclusion of the recite's orderly allowable and regulatory plans. The barely eligibility exactments to fit for IFS condition are origination of result or services at last 80 percent of which are ship-produce- to-leap and which do not entertain noxious proceeds on the environment. The Unconcealed Office for Industrial Permitted Zones (INFIX) is the non-profit regulatory mass orderly to aggravatesee and carry Cameraman's IFS program. The licensing manner was projecting in 1996, pending an audit of slow operations. Faced after a while feasible lawsuits by achievements previously supposing permitted zone condition, the Government of Cameroon released the deprivation for those companies barely in tardy 1999. Space prevention the socialation of the new cannonade charter, the explicit condition of the industrial permitted zone is unclear. Plain extraneous cannonade (DIF) plays a key role in the Camerawoman conduct. However, neither the Council nor the chamber of business has compiled a extensive catalogue of extraneous cannonades in Cameroon or estimated of general values. Flow basis on DIF, disaggregated by recite, is not suited and there are no statistics on Cameraman's plain cannonade aloof.