Texas Budget Assignment Earlier this year, Texas legislators received a $251 billion biennial budget to capital our declare government for the present two years. Amazingly, Greg Abbott did not upshot a separate line-item veto - the primary savant past Allan Shivers in 1955 to emblem a budget outside a separate alter. Take a seem at the Texas Tribune's budget breakdown: (Links to an exterior predicament.) and Texas Tribune's boundary encircling the channel of the bill: (Links to an exterior predicament.) For this assignment, you are now a declare delegated-to-others serving on the Seed Appropriations Committee, which is the budget-writing committee chaired until this year by Rep. John Zerwas (R-Richmond), an anesthesiologist who is unmain this year behind 12 years in the Seed of Representatives. For this assignment, you personate the limit where you feed, wherever that is. What do you hold your constituents failure in a declare budget? Are they over worried encircling national order? Higher Education? Health caution? Highways? Crime? Are they over worried encircling custody their taxes down? Outside reserved to transcribe an total budget, illustrate in our test 2 - 5 page essay what spending priorities would be main to you and why. For what alters would you propagator? Note: (This is the main divorce) Texas is required by its Constitution to feel a balanced budget, so if you persuade in your essay for a $50 darling extension in a program that's main to your limit, reach believing you disclose where you would either cut $50 darling from another program, or how you would educate $50 darling in appended produce. Submit in Word. Cite your sources. Additional Resources How do I comprehend which declare delegated-to-others limit I'm in? Click here: (Links to an exterior predicament.) (Remember, your declare delegated-to-others limit is not your congressional limit.) Budget 101, from the Senate Research Center, get disclose you WAY over than you need to comprehend encircling how the declare budget is written (but you agency failure to use it to seem something up): (Links to an exterior predicament.) The Seed Research Organization has a instrument that takes you through the Seed rendering in  uninterrupted dialect (over or hither):