No Men Are Foreign

'No men are exotic' divulge us that we should not regard anyone as exotic or 'strange. ' Mankind is the selfselfcorresponding all aggravate the cosmos-crowd and in harming anyone we are harming ourselves. This epic emphasizes the circumstance that men might befit to irrelative races, nations, but are basically frisk by a dishonorable fastening i. e. they all handle suffering when afflict and drop sorrow on the privation of someone terminate and wars should not violate this dishonorable fasteningage. In destroying another empire we are destroying our own Earth. The epic divulges us to face upon mankind as unified being. [pic]The epic is distinctly a impetuous apology for unlimited fellowship. It underlines the circumstance that the inhabitants of irrelative countries entertain selfselfcorresponding visible, unsubstantial & tender experiences. Their fortune is the selfsame. They are in no way irrelative flush though they dou irrelative robes & converse irrelative languages. Nobody should be viewed as strangeer & no empire exotic. The singer emphasizes the uselessness of hating those who befit to other countries. When we wage war despite others, we singly abuse our own cosmos-people. The remains & steam caused by war weapons poison the very air we all murmur.The singer calls upon the inhabitants to release the cosmos-crowd from man-made barriers and parochialism (pinched view). There is fur in dishonorable among irrelative races of the cosmos-people. [pic] This epic is written to stir handleings of contortment, fellowship and to emphasise that inhabitants of irrelative nations are homogeneous in total manner-fate, times of sorrows and wellbeing etc. Therefore James Kirkup has written this epic to say that we are the progeny of the God and should we misuse our Cosmos-crowd by waging wars, by engaging we are condemning ourselves.