APA Format/ 2 pages/ 4 Articles    Barbara was recently remunerated as a regional director for the Urgent Care Clinic Construction (UCCO). One of her foremost tasks is to settle a strategic pur-pose for the magistrate committee to revisal. The overall end of the strategic pur-pose is to test peculiar actionable items that can reform situation the clinic construction. For this assignment on UCCO, finished a stint 2-page abstract to illustrate why the construction should devote season to pur-posening and why a strategic pur-pose is needed. Visit the Rasmussen online Library and quest for a stint of 4 profession crust the topics of strategic pur-posening and healthcare skillful-treatment. Pass academic request using the library's databases, like: Discovery Business Source Finished via EBSCO Business via ProQuest What can a healthcare construction accomplish delay the strategic pur-posening process? What would you praise as areas of centre for Barbara's strategic pur-pose? Discuss how Barbara can close a redress betwixt unadorned and running topics in healthcare? How should she use them for her strategic pur-pose? What emblem(s) of principal and inferior request would you praise Barbara pass? What are the benefits? Explain. Remember to mix citations accurately and suitably for all contrivance emblems; use attribution (credit) as a way to eschew plagiarism. Use NoodleTools to muniment your sources and to finished your APA formatted regard page and in-text citations. Transferable Skills for this Project Stage:Information Literacy