INFORMATIONAL LETTER TO INVESTORS AND PRESENTATION AT A STAFF MEETING You entertain an email from the Chief Advice Officer, Ms. Boss: Hello, I demand you to discuss the message for big changes hence up at SeeMoji.  Investors demand to be on consideration after a while our augmentation artifice, and our staff members demand to recognize the logistics of our dilution. My admin earn impel you the bullet points of what to embody. It's relevant to carry the advice clearly; I demand buy-in from completeone. Thanks! Ms. Boss CIO, SeeMoji                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            You entertain an email from Patricia Baker, Ms. Boss's Administrative Assistant: Hi there, I'm Ms. Boss's admin.  Short are the bullet points she wants you to performance after a while: Size of station quantity earn inclose, parallel after a while divulsion. Staff extent earn inclose.  Payroll earn be three times curdivulsion payroll. New hardware and software earn be purchased at a consume of $500,000. Emojis and emoji packages earn be created over instantly. Half of the new hires earn be activity specialists. Animated emojis earn be a new issue for  SeeMoji. Protostamp inspirited emojis entertain been very public after a while customers. Animated emojis are scheme to comply a two times growth in annual income. All changes are portio of a larger artifice to mend SeeMoji's transaction stamp. Investors demand to be notified of the changes after a while a ceremonious message, which earn settled on Ms. Boss's desk for her verification, so be safe it's perfect!  Staff earn be conscious of the changes at our meeting present Monday.  I perceive you entertain another meeting that day, so ad a condensed video (two to five minutes) that we can play for them. Since you are new short, critique the SeeMoji Document and Presentation Format Requirements polish (below the Your Hired! individuality in Moodle).  Let me perceive if you entertain questions. Patty CIO Admin  Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000288 EndHTML:000004413 StartFragment:000000809 EndFragment:000004381 StartSelection:000000853 EndSelection:000004359 SourceURL:https://ool-content.walshcollege.edu/CourseFiles/COM/COM320/MASTER/SP2020/AdditionalResources/WI19-MojiShell30/MojiShell.html         Document and Presentation Format Requirements DOCUMENT FORMAT Why Do We Make Such a Fuss About Format? Shouldn't what we say be over relevant than how our documents appear? The bearing after a while that design is that customers, clients, and others we market after a while in transaction referee us and our employers by how our documents appear. For that argue, almost complete crew has a format that they insist-upon for messages, emails, and reports. (This to-boot repeatedly applies to blogs and website pages, although tshort may be someone who manages those sites and re-formats submissions you impel them.) Many companies insist-upon a favoring font, continuity spacing, latitudes, stamp extent, and provision format for documents, especially those that go to customers, clients, or vendors. So, the foremost man you should do when you initiate performance at a new crew is to ask what format they insist-upon for multitudinous documents. This may be embodyd in a unconnected diction conduct that earn to-boot publish you how real suffrage are spelled. Document Format Requirements While you are at SeeMoji, gladden adshort to these conductlines for written documents and presentations.12-point stamp extent - This is regular in transaction consequently it is interpretable for most tribe.Calibri, Times-Roman, or Arial font - These are regular, professional-looking fonts.Single-spaced, obstruct format - Rather than indenting, settle passage at the left latitude and use a bleak continuity in betwixt provisions.Left-justified passage alignment - Left-justified passage is easier to interpret than amply justified passage.Under the Provision menu in Word, Spacing Before and After should be at 0, not 8 or 10. Add an extra produce betwixt provisions gone you are removing the After spacing. Note: If you don't perceive how to set continuity spacing and removing the extra After spacing in Word, click on the present individual titled "Setting Continuity Spacing in Word."       FOR EMAILS, BLOG POSTS, LETTERS, AND MEMOS: Keep to one page whenever practicable.Include a favoring material continuity for emails, blog posts and memos.Use the hearsay formal archetype for good-natured-natured or negative intelligence messages and the inductive form archetype for bad intelligence messages.       Click on the present documents for over details on format for memos and emails. VIDEO PRESENTATION FORMAT  For the best results:Limit yourself to 2-3 minutes.Use a uncompounded enhancement to shirk visual distractions.Use a tranquillize settle to shirk audio distractions.Be safe your hands are obvious so the conference can see your gestures. Use misspend deportment (countenance to parade frenzy or be grave when the material warrants a short eager loudness).Use Zoom to archives the video and upload the URL.