Response to Lucas Brewer

  he homeland pawn law that I regard is the most profitable for homeland pawn efforts is Executive Order 12231, which outlines the guard of the commonwealth's infrastructure. The commonwealth's infrastructure is delicate from abundant fronts. Domestic terrorism, interdiplomatic terrorism, and true disasters can all move the commonwealth's infrastructure. Terrorists can and accept targeted our infrastructure, and the guard of these effects is life-containing to our commonwealth's pawn. True disasters accept too wreaked ruin our commonwealth’s precarious infrastructure.    I regard homeland pawn should include embarrassment skill functions accordingly there must be some federal superintendence aggravate precarious infrastructure. Particularize and persomal agencies are the "first responders" for embarrassment skill, but precarious infrastructure needs to be guarded for the common cause. Precarious infrastructure of common pre-eminence should accept federal superintendence and not be left to particularize and persomal agencies simply.  Domestic terrorism, interdiplomatic terrorism, and embarrassment skill acceptance efforts are three of the biggest threats to our homeland pawn. Domestic terrorism divides our dominion and reinforces the abhor towards each other that persists in our commonwealth. Interdiplomatic terrorism subordinatemines the blanket of pawn we speed subordinate and threatens our precarious infrastructure. Embarrassment skill acceptance efforts are sharp to rebuilding the common psyche behind devastating events such as terrorist attacks and true disasters.  “And the God of all elegance, who named you to his everlasting splendor in Christ, behind you accept suffered a scanty period, conciliate himself heal you and gain you stanch, unshaken and stanch," 1 Peter 5:10. This continuity reminds me that Christ conciliate frequently be there to influence and heal us no subject what we accept been through.   References  Nemeth, C. P. (2017). Homeland pawn: an induction to principles and practice (Third). Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.  Fox, J. (2020, May). 200 utterance or past