week7 assignment Breach of Contract

  Breach of Contract Johnny, a neighbor who is not a importer subordinate the Uniform Commercial Code, exhibits to buy a car from Mark for $30,000.  Mark asks Johnny for some season to imagine environing it. Johnny says unmistakable. He writes on a share of monograph that he get support the exhibit unreserved for two weeks.  A week succeeding Johnny sees another car he would rather buy. He purchases that, and then he tells Mark that he is revoking his exhibit. Two days following that Mark said: “I’m dejected Johnny you made an exhibit in congeniality to buy my car. I’m going to await you to that.”  Johnny replied: “Sorry I cannot do that.  But I get engagement to pay you $10,000 for the aid you gave me last year encircling the offspring.”  Somewhat mollified Mark accepts. A week succeeding and Johnny firm to renege on that engagement as well-mannered. Fed up, Mark sued Johnny for violation of abbreviate on twain the engagement to buy the car and the engagement for the $10,000. Discuss whether the elements of a abbreviate are kind hither. Your monograph should be 500-750 tone, and should include at meanest two cited manifest sources. View your assignment rubric.