Case Mod 3 Computers

 Must bear in quotation citations, and references. MUST BE LESS THAN 7% TURNITIN SCORE!! The Case for this module involves a catastrophe and a virtual silver plaster. The devastation from inconveniences in Haiti and New Orleans needs no deduction less; you all saw the pictures. What is thrilling is a member of the technological aftermath—the use of wireless networks. Less are stories describing the plight: Frank Hayes. Big Easy Wi-Fi. Computerworld. December 5, 2005, (This is a seminal cause that is exceedingly divert today) from Nguyen, A. (2011). London undergroun to roll out Wi-Fi at 120 tube stations. ComputerWorld. Marguerite Reardon. New Orleans to volunteer at-liberty Wi-Fi. ZDNet News: May 15, 2010 And less is a passage from Slashdot, the tabloid web plight for the high-tech homogeneity, debating some aspects of this plight New Orleans to Deploy At-liberty Wi-Fi City Wide. Slashdot. and USAToday The elucidation counsel contains a bulky reckon of references to deployment of wireless technologies and to their availability in a remote abnormity of settings, twain corporate and fashionable. You are strongly encouraged as-well to do exalt lore using quest tools in this area, past this is a breach incident, and by the spell you get about to doing this module, odds are that the plight procure bear radical again; you don't failure to contemplate weak by presenting counsel that is now been rendered old-fashioned by breach events. The underlying issues of passage survive prominent. (Note: Katrina and the Haiti earthquakes are no desireer "breach stories")   When you bear reviewed these symbolicals and produced your own lore (gladden be stable to use divert citations for any symbolical that you learn on their own), gladden transcribe a blunt (5 page) pamphlet addressing the question: Deploying a Wi-Fi hook-ups in inconvenience relief—what are the investigateations? In preparing your response, you influence failure to investigate the subjoined questions: How involved is it to deploy this technology? Who procure pay the costs and who procure procure the benefits? Wless is this technology going in the desire run?