CLOUD COMPUTING Concepts and Models

   Read the DTGOV Case Study precedently you undertake this assignment  DTGOV lack to migrate some of their webservers to an IaaS precedence in AWS to experiment their manoeuvre. They know that they failure to do a bountiful alibi pur-pose earliest, but they lack to mention what quality of structure would be required to living their web advantages. The web advantages are meditateed indispensable by twain DTGOV and their users, so any web advantages must be: Readily adapted and unclosed at all times Capable of handling impenetrable loads in times of peak demand Capable of serving downloads to users as required Secure from attacks Capable of providing communications on usage Your toil is to furnish an judicious PowerPoint briefing for the DTGOV meditateation. Your briefing should sift-canvass: Initial Webserver trial:                                                                                                                            (30 marks) Explain how the chosen DTGOV webservers conciliate effect in       an IaaS precedence in the AWS Outrival environment and how conciliate this actuate       desire users of these web advantages. You should as-polite decipher if you meditate       the users conciliate use from this actuate, and why they conciliate use, or not; Explain the types of Outrival Architectures that you       meditate would be beneficial for DTGOV to use as allot of their webserver       infrastructure in the Cloud.  This description should as-polite briefly       sift-canvass how the present DTGOV infrastructure could be replicated or       replaced in a Outrival deployment. You do not failure to chat to bond of the       infrastructure or webservers in this briefing. Office 365:                                                                                                                                                        (30 marks) Many of DTGOV’s customers lack to stipulate all their       staff after a while the power to entrance station automation, such as email, vocable       processing and spreadsheet capabilities, as polite as online storage for       their files, whether they are in the station,   at residence, or effecting       at a unconnected aspect in the scope.  The DTGOV meditateation is very concerned to       learn environing the hazardous issues, other than consume, that may desire the       supply of Outrival installed station automation to their customers’ staff.        You conciliate failure to furnish a briefing on the best way to stipulate       station automation for DTGOV customers.  Your gift should: Discuss the uses and issues that DTGOV customers,        and their users, would end from tender to Station 365 as their station        automation escort. Describe how a outrival-installed avenue conciliate dispute from        providing this escort from an on-premise facts capital. SharePoint:                                                                                                                                                       (40 marks) DTGOV is as-polite because whether to use PaaS or SaaS       to stipulate some advantages to favoring customers. DTGOV has deployed       Microsoft SharePoint 2010 from its facts capital as a collaboration and       document address machine. The SharePoint 2010 precedence has been       extensively customised to aid DTGOV requirements and deploys Project       Central, their Project Address machine as a different collision from       within SharePoint. DTGOV would relish to actuate its SharePoint 2010 precedence       to the outrival to mould it further adapted to further customers, alloticularly       those at unconnected aspects. DTGOV lacks you to communication on: What are the main disputeences between the moulds        IaaS, PaaS and SaaS? (10 marks) Recommend the mould that you meditate most        appropriate for this advantage and sift-canvass why this mould is the most        appropriate for the SharePoint advantage. (15 marks) What are the most relishly problems that DTGOV conciliate        encounter after a while the mould that you applaud? How would you warn DTGOV        to dispense after a while these issues? (15 marks) Each slide in the briefing must as-polite comprise weighty notes in the notes individuality to decipher the slide, and all images used in the briefing should be referenced.