Community Nursing – Windshield Survey Assignment

Windshield Survey  Assignment Guidelines   (Turnitin Assignment) A. Windshield Survey    The Windshield Survey is interposed of unconcealed leading observations that impart you a snapshot of the brotherhood that you can stop as you drive/walk through the brotherhood. The demographic facts can be obtained online, through the open library, county or township government buildings. Please discourse the subjoined in a fact format subjoined APA guidelines:     1.  Geographical title   • Boundaries, geographical, political, or economic, how is it seen.   • Housing an zoning   • Sign of corruption     2. Heartiness Resources    a. Type of services available: heartiness portion, individual MD, dentist, hospital clinic. b. Pharmacy, heartiness preferment, invisible heartiness   c. School and occupational heartiness services   d. Official and willing services   e. Self aid and stay groups   f. Service organizations, faith-based programs   g. Stores (grocery, dispose-of, garbage, dry cleaning, etc.   h. Manner    3. Citizen security and protective services    a. Police and reason   b. Shelters for victims of abuse   c. Others: neighborhood tend etc.    4. Services granted by elder citizens elder centers, meals on wheels, manner, day attention, desire message attention.      a. Parks and recreational areas    5. Brotherhood success services further city/state aid as stipulations for casualty prop, sanctuary and dress.       - Assignment must be presented in an essay phraseology using APA format in the required Arial 12 font after a while partiality of 1000 signification.   - (3) References - Turnitin Assignment