Privacy, Ethics, and Political Responsibility What does it medium to you when you fancy environing your solitude hues? Should you uniform accept an confluence of solitude in today’s electronic globe? This week, Dr. LeClaire is sharing after a while us some very dignified advice after a while us environing how we should fancy environing our solitude. Then he’s besides sharing environing how professiones should act in-reference-to the immense volumes of advice that they’re collecting. What are their responsibilities hither? How does goodness fit into all of this? Is thither uniform such a unnaturalness as a ‘right to solitude’? I don’t resumption appearance that in the US Constitution, but you may be telling to meet someunnaturalness out thither convincing me incorrectly. Then we’re going to seem at political obligation for a bit. Why should a profession sorrow itself after a while ‘being green’? Thither accept been solid occasions whither employees accept pushed their companies to into the order of main political obligation. What impression does this accept on the structure? If ‘going green’ results in inferior returns that are offset by lowly staffing, how would you arrive-at environing that. If it resulted in main absorb shy through lowly riches use, should that shy be passed along to the employees that pushed for it? What are the other issues hither? After reviewing the disquisition this week, distribute after a while me and your comrade students your thoughts on solitude, ethics, and political obligation. Accept you been complicated in activities that you build unethical? What did you do environing it? Accept you been complicated in an structure that pushed for political alter at your workplace (not solely Occupy Wall Street or other common origin)? Tell us environing your experiences.