Essay 3: Literacy Narrative Rough Draft

  Essay 4: Literacy Narrative (300 Points = 30% of Final Grade) Due Conclusion for Rough Draw (150 points): Friday, 12 June Due Conclusion for Final Draw (150 points): Tuesday, 23 June A literacy narrative requires you to animadvert on your roll of fluency in a dialect or communicative average. For this Literacy Narrative, you are required to animadvert on the experiences Amy Tan describes in “Mother Tongue,” and to study your own relationship to dialect and communication. You may follow this question in any way that makes feeling for you, but you must meaningfully mix Tan’s essay in some way. Drafting Requirements: Your papers must be written in Times New Roman, 12-pt. Font, after a while 1-inch margins on all sides. You must include a adjust header (learner call, adjust estimate and minority, schoolmaster call, due conclusion, and vocable calculate) in the upper-left index cavity of the chief page, and your pages must be estimateed in the upper-right index cavity. ***In-text citations and a composition cited page are required components for each draw of this essay!