Kaymito Leaves Decoction as Antiseptic Mouthwash ”

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2011 Multi-Colored Edifice Dye From Talisay (Terminalia catappa) Leaves Cite Pauline Mariz Manuel Marjorie Marmeto Jiezel Ann Sescar Mrs. Ma. Regaele Olarte (Research Adviser) Statement of the Example The researchers aimed to designate if the Talisay (Terminalia catappa) leaves cite could be plain as a multi-colored edifice dye. Specifically, the examine sought to retort the forthcoming questions: 1. Can Talisay (Terminalia catappa) leaves cite be plain as a multi-colored dye? 2. Is there a indicative separation among the trialal and coerce rests in stipulations of: a. Reforce to clever b. Reforce to corrupt c. pH plane d. Color fastness Table 1 Frequency Distribution of Yielded Results in stipulations of Color DYE| FREQUENCY| PERCENTAGE (%)| Violet| 97| 93| Yellow| 7| 7| Brown| 3| 3| TOTAL| 100| 100| Table 2 Comparison of Mean and T-experiment Termination for Talisay and Marketable Edifice Dye TALISAY LEAVES| COMMERCIAL DYE| VARIANCE| COLOR| FREQUENCY| COLOR| FREQUENCY| | Violet| 90| Violet| 88| 2%| Yellow| 7| Yellow| 10| 3%| Brown| 3| Brown| 2| 1%| TOTAL| 100| | 100| | 1 comments Email ThisBlogThis! Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this support THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2011 Akapulko (Cassia alata L. Seeds as Cathartic Extender for Pulvoron Akapulvoron: A Sensory Dissection Akapulko (Cassia alata L. ) Seeds as Cathartic Extender for Pulvoron Karl Ericson Landrito Rochelle Gel Asilo Ludy Anne Castrence Maegan Morales Keith Louise R. Salazar Research Adviser: Mrs. Ma. Regaele A. Olarte A. Background of the Examine Upshot during their future range of literature are singular on how things encircling them achievement. They frequently nonconsequence to denote outdoor games such as tumbang preso, patintero, piko, jolens, pogs, and numerous other games delay their denotemates. These games exact moving and a lot of barefoot exoteric. Children do not serve to perceive that exoteric barefooted accomplish commissioner the shape of ascaris and other parasitic infuses that authority pollute their entrails. Malnutrition surrounds our dominion today; a lot of herd, most chiefly the upshot, were the victims of it. One of the most low commissioners of malnutrition of upshot is infuse infestation. Infuse infestation can termination if there happened to be a plain or inplain adjunction delay the feces of an polluteed idiosyncratic. It can be injudiciously when the feces of an polluteed organism are used as fertilizers in farmlands that are now converted into polished character of homogeneity. The kids that are buttress in that converted area can muster the polluteion that the earlier farmland has. Upshot that are polluteed can entertain parasitic infuses internally their bodies. They can ultimately knowledge malnutrition and other heartiness deficiencies if not negotiateed. Cathartic medicines are worthless in require but upshot avoid the choice becommissioner of its feud. The researchers came up delay this contrivance due to the covet of succorful the parents of polluteed upshot in convincing their kids to procure good-tasting cathartic counterforce that is worthlesser in require and can be movablesed at abode. The researchers rise out that pounded and boiled akapulko causes are used as an efficient cathartic commissioner. Akapulko is an herbal introduce that can be used in curing bark, stomach, lung, and mouth examples, and is polite perceiven for its sudorific, diuretic and cathartic characteristics. It can be ingested delayout having any policy movables or contraindications. The researchers care of pulvoron, substance a heartinessy, luxurious, and interesting negotiate for all. The akapulko causes were attend as extender in settle of the oral rice crisps, nuts, or nougats in the pulvoron. Established that akapulvoron could be an efficient and impregnable cathartic negotiate, the researchers calculated to precede a sensory dissection of the result to designate if it would be publicly legitimate by the exoteric. 0 comments Email ThisBlogThis! Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this support WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2011 Makahiya (Mimosa pudica) Rise Cite as an Reorigin Ovicide across Dengue Mosquito (Aedes aegypti) Eggs Dumayas, Diana Rose P. Geroche, Sheila Mae T. Pinote, Lorraine Angela D. (Researchers) Mrs. Ma. Regaele A. Olarte Research Adviser) Consciousness of the Examine The augmenting calculate of Dengue events not scarcely in our dominion but too to other countries all aggravate the globe experiencing the unnatural qualify in clime is not of novel origin to us. Along delay this intricate residence, there are two-winged, dipterous insects that bequeath their eggs for a incomprehensive epoch, reducing the extent of their larvae and behove “nervous-biters”. In that event, they are exactinger to seize in escape that is why it is aggravate prudent to convergence on the settles where they lay their eggs. The researchers precedeed this examine in arrange to reduce the proliferation of mosquitoes or checkmate the eggs from bequeathing using the Makahiya Mimosa pudica roots cite as an ovicide. As the trial was proven to be efficient, it is appropriate to spread the introduce for magnitude resultion and tell the terminations to other herd. It is too indicative to precede trials encircling the other implicitities of  the said introduce, such as the anti fertility gear of its rise cite which was  proven in Albino innocent mice sperm cells according to Dr. Godofredo Umali-Stuart of University of Santo Tomas. comments Email ThisBlogThis! Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this support Protocharacter Biometric Pawn Classification on Specific Computer Using Fingerprint-domiciled Effectiveness Switch Researcher: Maycee Anne Rufino Research Adviser: Mrs. Ma. Regaele Olarte Statement of the Example The examine sought to bequeath a classification to vindicate full computer from hacking and unwanted smooth sharing due to manner delayout endurance by distrusted users. The researcher utilized fingerprint-domiciled biometric pawn classification on the ableness switch of idiosyncratical computer, thus making it unquestionably “personal.             Specifically, the examine aimed to retort the forthcoming questions: 1. How should the classification be contrived and plain in arrange to: a. Secure the user’s grounds from hacking or sharing, b. Provide an representation pawn for the computer user, c. Ensure that the classification is vindicateed across diversification and not tending to errors? 2. What is the plane of enterprise of the classification corruptd on the forthcoming criteria: a. Reliability b. Accessibility c. Efficiency d. Functionality? Hypothesis The fingerprint-domiciled biometric pawn classification on idiosyncratical computer delay unconnected bearing for the privy user is efficient in stipulations of the certain criteria. Scope and Limitations The fingerprint-domiciled biometric pawn classification on idiosyncratical computer is aggravate bearingible, secured, representationable and respectful. It is in the recorded fingerprint where an representation is created for hassle-free mode to the classification. Furthermore, proceedings do not delayer considerable epoch and endeavor since the inshape needed to converge and to bearing one’s representation is already automated. The forthcoming were the indication and limitations of the examine: * The examine scarcely convergenceed on the public proceeding of groundscorrupt and of impregnable-keeping for the grounds-pawn of idiosyncratical computers. This arrangement was not prudent for shared computers but scarcely for idiosyncratical use, as scarcely an attested idiosyncratic could execute bearing on the most influencey grounds and inshape stored in the computer. * The classification would not act if the user is distrusted or unregistered. Scarcely attested user delay recorded thumb indication and password can get into the classification. * This stratagem can record and lean up to five attested users scarcely to bearing the classification. * The fingerprint-domiciled ableness switch can too be used on any technology containing switch. (e. g. lighting, appliances, motorcycles etc. ) 2 comments Email ThisBlogThis! Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this support TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2011 Environmental Briquette from Infiltrate Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) delay Acacia Seeds as Obligatory Commissioner Mary Jane Bucio Patricia Anne Javier Charlz Deanne Hermoso Angel-lyn Lazo Jamira Marabut (Researchers) Mrs. Ma. Regaele A. Olarte (Research Adviser) ABSTRACT Infiltrate hyacinth is an aquatic introduce which could polite be used, instead of forest, in generating an reorigin origin of essence. The processing of infiltrate hyacinth into briquette would entertain a indicative role not scarcely in the outgrowth of an reorigin fuel, but too in the protection of the environment. The infiltrate hyacinth that was harvested, dried, and pulverized was adulterated delay cassava starch and acacia cause detain by substance sheltered into briquettes in a manually-operated proxy. The trialal rest made use of dry and unimpaired infiltrate hyacinth ageliness a oral charcoal served as the coerce. In all the capacity experiments movablesed, T- experiment pomped that there was no indicative separation among the trialal result and the marketable result in stipulations of sundry parameters, at 0. 05 plane of consciousness. The terminations of trialation and grounds dissection pomped that the trialal result is righteous as efficient as the marketable briquette, delay reform implicit of succorful the environment by reducing the privative consequences brought encircling by infiltrate hyacinth’s speedy exuberance. Thus, the environmental briquette made from infiltrate hyacinth delay acacia causes as obligatory commissioner could be an efficient reorigin to the oral charcoal made from burning of forest. 1 comments Email ThisBlogThis! Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this support Older PostsHome Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) CHATBOX! Julian Paolo Biyo Jason Andrei TemeloI-RubyPhilippine Science High School Western Visayas Campus Investigatory Contrivance TITLE: Movables of the Contrariant Types of Substrates on theBiodegradability of SM Yielding Bags I. Background of the Examine Official figures pomp that yieldings constitute up encircling 25% of thegarbage that metro manila churns out, ageliness an independent surveyconducted by Ecowaste Coalition and Greenpeace on the compositionof discards on manila bay in 2006 rise that 51% were yielding bags,19% sachets and junk food wrappers, 5% Styrofoam, 1% exacting yieldings,10% rubber, 13% biodegradable wastes (Cayetano, 2008;www. enatorpiacayetano. com/psc/pressreleasedetails. php? recordID=175)Biodegradable yieldings are degradable yieldings on which thedegradation terminations from the force of naturally occurring micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi , and algae ([email protected] com). These yieldings are broken down into water, carbon dioxide, methaneand biomass primarily through enzymatic force on microorganisms(Azios, 2007www. csmonitor. com/2007/1219/p16s01 -sten. html). Biodegradable accomplish abundantly analyze in six months or less. It turns intopowder and blends delay the contaminate behind a few months (Demetillo, 2008www. mprime. com/News. php? BlurbID=1113). Numerous biodegradable yieldings accomplish analyze in industrial introduces,backyard comsupport piles, or known environments. The inherentbiodegradability of yieldings continue on different environmental factorssuch as dampness, latitude, manner area, and the manufacturingmethod of the finished product. (Nolan-ITU Pty Ltd, 2002www. environment. gov. au/settlement/publications/waste/deg) Although some brands pretension to be biodegradable in known air andsaltwater, virtually no resolution occurs delayin a barred landfillthat has been capped, checkmateing air vogue. Azios, 2007www. csmonitor. com/2007/1219/p16s01 -sten. html) The SM mall chain has started shifting biodegradable plasticbags for its supermarkets and office stores (Cayetano, 2008). The use of biodegradable yieldings succor reduce the package of the ever-growing garbage example in the Philippines and in the sound globe II. Example of the Examine This examine was conducted to retort the forthcoming example:Will exposing the SM yielding bags to contrariant substrates such ascomsupport contaminate, loam contaminate, tap infiltrate, and seainfiltrate aggravate a epoch of epochaffect its biodegradability? III. Hypothesis of the Examine If SM yielding bags accomplish be settled in contrariant substrates aggravate aepoch of epoch, then its biodegradability accomplish be improbable. IV. Objectives of the Examine A. Public Objective: • To designate the movables of contrariant substrates on the biodegradabilityof SM yielding bags. B. Specific Objectives: 1. To surrender SM yielding bags to contrariant substrates such as comsupport contaminate,loam contaminate, seainfiltrate and tap infiltrate for a term of different months. 2. To gauge the influence of the yielding bags (grams) precedently and behindcontrariant scylla epochs to the substrates. . To assimilate the percent influence missing of the SM yielding bags surrenderd tocontrariant substrates behind a epoch of epoch. V. Design of the Study A. VariablesA1. Independent variables/ manipulated variable: substrate 1. Comsupport contaminate2. Loam contaminate3. Seawater4. Tap waterA2. Dependent variable/ responding variable: biodegradability (percentinfluence missing)B. Materials • 6, 1-litre glass jars • 6, 7”x9” aluminium trays • 12 pcs. 3”x4” SM yielding bags • 500g loam contaminate • 500g comsupport contaminate