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Article Criticism # 2 – How Technology Affects the Workforce  Locate an proviso online that discusses how the use of technology is forcible the workforce.  This may be profitable by increasing efficiencies or comely tracking and logistics.  It may also be harmful to an form by increasing wrangle incompact its workforce.    Example (don’t use this):  • New technology, housekeeping incompact concerns in tavern strikes - Article Criticism Requirements 1. Locate an proviso online that satisfies the requirements for that topic  2. Complete a 1 page criticism in the aftercited format a. Your designate, Date, Proviso Title, Author and Link b. Double-spaced delay 1” margins, Times New Roman 12-Point Font c. Section 1 - Summarize the proviso main points d. Section 2 – Your thoughts on the proviso… Are the author’s points strong?  Do the benefits overbalance the risks?  What do you consider the instant harping of this technology earn produce?  Will company or affair regulate?