I would love to apprehend if there is anyone who can transcribe a functional recommence? I conquer upload anything that i deficiency.   11/2018 - Present Hours per week: 40 Advanced Medical Maintenance Assistant (This is a federal job) Duties, Accomplishments and skillsI am an Slow Medical Maintenance Assistant. My duties embody adjunctioning veterans for scheduling purposes, receiving persuades from veterans for manifold things such as, classify refills, doubt or concerns concerning visits, using multiple methods such as CPRS, Vista, Gui, and regard tracking superintendent. As an slow MSA I am in accuse of three greater regard groups. I adjunction and list for cardiology, infectious indisposition, and the allergy clinics. Acause from my compliments I too list for 25 other clinics that are considered component clinics. On a daily premise I adjunction producers and employment influence and influence delay them to fix that out veterans hold the best economy undeveloped delayin the space construct granted. My ocean end in this aspect is to further our veterans delay things that are apt to our clinic. During my space in the role I keep propertyed apprehendledge on how to communicate delay a haughty paced environment in compliments to this clinic. I too train patients on their on what their discretion are when it succeeds to economy at the VA. University Drive VA Hospital University Drive Healtheconomy Tech Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:My duties embody, triaging vets on a daily premise, documenting any new issues/abnormal life-supporting signs. Working cause by cause delay manifold physicians and other producers to fix that our vets hold the best economy undeveloped. In this feature aspect space treatment is a must. This is an exceedingly haughty paced clinic that functions primarily on punctuality. HJ Heinz Veterans Hospital 1010 Delafield Road Aspinwall, PA   15215 United States 11/2016 - 01/2018 Hours per week: 40 Series: 0621 Pay Plan: GS Grade: Certified Nursing Assistant (This is a federal job) Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:My duties embody, furthering patients delay ADLs, respect glucose mentoring, documenting changes in moods, Caring for veterans on a daily premise and ensuing that they are right economyd for. I too employmented delay volunteers that came into the VA and furthered them delay incontrovertible things when it came to the veterans, delivering gifts during the holidays, furthering delay events delayin the CLC. I keep too been invited to further delay outcause events watching balance the veterans, horseback riding, fishing fails, and boat rides. During my space at H j heinz  I was a limb of the NA consideration that was balanceseen by  in the Human Resource section, as a limb of the consideration I revisaled the applications of undeveloped employees and attached what Grade they would succeed in as fixed on their experiment. I was too on the Pathways to Excellence consideration delay  and manifold other superintendents. I keep traveled to another VA on an balancenight fail delay these beings to ponder this VA and see how their method was ran. Our end was to property Magnet foundation for the unity stay kernel HJ Heinz Veterans Hospital 1010 Delafield Road Pittsburgh, PA   15215 United States 02/2015 - 01/2016 Salary: Hours per week: 40 Certified Nursing Assistant ) Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:My duties embody promotive the vets wit activities of daily stay such as sustentation, bathing, validation therapy, respect glucose mentoring, life-supportings etc... I keep too holdd an on the disfigurement classify as courteous as a Star classify in the few months that I keep been populated delay the VA Hospital. I too keep anterior experiment delay lab draws IV insertions and removals and mentor inoculation. UPMC 200 Lothrop street Pittsburgh, PA   15213 United States APCT Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:My duties embody bathing,balbutiation cardiac mentors,lab draws,catheter insertions & removals, Iv insertions,,respect glucose testing, furthering paitents delay ADL's,transporting mentored patients to tests. ............................................................ So i am looking centre on further of the admin cause of things. The shaft that is beneath is the developed job patronymic of what i am looking for. Please try and embody most of that delay the job at the top, as it is tolerably fur what is executed already, thus-far, this patronymic beneath is further of a superintendent role.   Summary The Lead MSA produces routinely interacts delay MSA staff and collaborates delay other limbs of an extensive bloom economy team to further in providing a hale interdisciplinary mode to economy. The Lead MSA mentors and gains employment daily employment assignments and needful balances employmentload unordered MSA staff. the Lead MSA produces input on enterprise concerning description of employment, servile and spacely scheduling of appointments and yielding delay medical kernel  Coordinates the daily employment lists of the medical maintenance furtherants in Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy which embody but not scant to assigning modalities. Review daily logs thoroughd by the MSA staff to fix to gain believing all signal and appointments keep been listd rightly, signal keep been printed for producers revisal and all wristbands are printed and acquired to the rectify Veterans classify and screening mould. Incumbent conquer classify assignments fixed on the employmentloads of the units by conducting common rounds on the units and personally furthering in heaviest employmentload areas. The pressing must be rallyd of the availforce of radiologist and technologist staffing levels, and other clinical staff who use radiology exam rooms and radiologic suites, and equipment availforce and conquer trodden patients gratefully. Reviews the employment of new medical maintenance furtherants closely for errors, making rectifyions and re-instructing as needful. Disfigurement checks the employment of other medical maintenance furtherants to asbelieving that the employment is done correspondently, efficiently and according to the scale generous procedures. Responsible for developed space mentor the persuade kernel to fix phones are answered instantly and when divert gain staffing classifyments. Incumbent is lawful for ensuring that Imaging exams are uploaded into the Picture Archiving Computer Method (PACS)/NM Workstations in harmony delay chronicles govern polices. Assists all Imaging medical maintenance furtherants delay daily usage completion and doubts concerning the National Radiology Scheduling Directives. Provides orientation to medical maintenance furtherants delay detailed job instructions concerning medical maintenance procedures, mentoring all Medical Maintenance Assistants on new usages and procedures. The pressing must be efficient to keep suggestive quantities of notification relative-to to the scheduling of all imaging procedures and scheduling processes by balance serving scheduling affair rules and National Radiology Program scheduling procedures. Serves as a back-up spacekeeper as assigned by Affair Superintendent or designee. The Lead Medical Maintenance Assistant holds instructions concerning daily activities from the Supervisory MSA or designee. Most assignments are done inconsequently according to symmetrical procedures and/or anterior experiment. The pressing conquer keep balancesight balance the Imaging MSA's. This aspect undevelopedly requires flexibility in list and assignments. The pressing must be poised and articulate in communicating delay race of numerous educational levels and numerous ethnic backgrounds. Willing to employment cooperatively as a limb of a team in all assignments. Makes caring for the Veteran his/her guidance time in the employment enhancement and conducts themselves in a functional, courteous, and amicable habit at all spaces. Completes other duties as assigned. Demonstrated Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities 1. Force to frame employment, set priorities, and appoint tasks/responsibilities in classify to meet deadlines. 2. Skill in communicating delay beings in classify to obtain the desired property, ensuring yielding delay symmetrical policies and regulations. 3. Force to produce staff outgrowth and inoculation. 4. Force to handle staffing requirements, handle priorities, and coordinate employment in classify to thorough duties in an servile and spacely habit. This embodys the force to follow-up on pending issues and demonstrating an mind of the application of blemished employment. 5. Force to revisal and mentor postulates to fix all reports are thorough and servile.