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Due in 24 hours (Each 150-200 utterance (citation doesn't reckon), MLA format) Discussion 1 Overview The transition of India from a Hindu to a Muslim specify was not a seamless one and it did not take-place all at unintermittently. Regardless, Indians behold to the Gupta bound as the opportune age of Hindu amelioration. In this argument you obtain behold at this inheritance and weigh how feel after a while the beyond cosmos-people via the Silk Road and through encroachment transformed Indian amelioration and sameness. To be lucky hither, you must interpret the ocean points of the exhortation, in-particular concerning India’s Development and the Exploration on the Silk Road. Instructions Write a 150-200 promise column as follows: Imagine you are an Indian in the Middle Ages. You may be any dignity or gender. Identify yourself by dignity, gender, and regional dregs. Explain the ideas brought parallel the Silk Road into India. These may be godly, collective or cultural. Explain how these ideas, and the Muslim encroachments personally impacted your kind. Discussion 2 Overview This argument is a more oral behold at Imperial China. To be lucky in this argument you scarcity to interpret the Exhortation points concerning Oral China, and the Exploration of the Silk Road. Instructions Write a 150-200 promise column that discusses and compares at meanest two of the dynasties of Imperial China explored in this module. Use unvarnished exemplification to help your posture and create certain to feel on: The economy The collective structure Religion Relationship of China subordinate the dynasty after a while other specifys