2 part discussion (4 paragraph total)

Part 1 Prior to commencement achievement on this argument, unravel The Stages of Collection Development: A Retrospective Study of Dynamic Team Processes. proviso, observe the 12 Angry Men - Original Live TV Version 1954 (Links to an exterior post.) film and the Team Development: Commencement Essentials (Links to an exterior post.) video result which demonstrates the stages of collection product. Apply incongruous scenes of the movie or limited film to each of the stages of collection product as formulated by Tuckman, as discussed in Chapter 2 of Commencement Essentials. Describe at smallest one information that you literary environing vital a collection through oppressive dates. Part 2 Prior to commencement achievement on this argument, observe or give-ear to Dr. King’s latest address of his history, I’ve Been to the Mountaintop (Links to an exterior post.). During the address, Dr. King addressed an operation that could collision separate businesses, the topical dispensation, and the control of the realm. Explain how the address reflects on vital through oppressive dates conjuncture providing a defining longing for satellites. What were the stipulations at the date collisioning his commencement force? What control could popular leaders capture from the address relating addressing the offer and the advenient good-fortune of a diplomacy, change-of-place, or longing, or the good-fortune of an construction?