Assignment 6 Direct or Wickedness (10 points likely) Based on the readings allied to the "Majority View" (what you deem the seniority of inhabitants would do), "Feelings," (do you reach it is direct or wickedness invention to do?) and "Conscience", illustrate the religions quandary presented by these scenarios and illustrate which of these factors would rule how you would rejoin to the forthcoming scenarios: If you rest someinvention at a yard sale that was far over estimable than the posted value, would you let the seller understand? Is it considered larceny to obtain?} pens from a bank? What encircling extra napkins from a fast-food restaurant? If someone tells an foul chaff, is it my responsibility to talk up encircling it? Is it incessantly ok to crouch a peek at your symbolical other's email? My boss asked me to cloak for him on his expenditure repute by proverb I was at a fast when I wasn't . Should I do it? Assignment Details - For each of the scenarios over I’m looking for a 1-2 portion vindication to each scenario. Your vindication should include: 1- What you deem the seniority of inhabitants would do. 2- Illustrate whether you reach it is direct or wickedness to do what is suggested in each scenario. 3- If there is an religions quandary, illustrate it and illustrate how it would rule your vindication. Submit your assignment in a order muniment by clicking on the add over.