Select a fable to irritate.  Recommended Stories are: Chinua Achebe "Marriage is a Retired Affair" Edgar Allen Poe "The Tell-Tale Heart" Louise Erdrich "The Red Convertible" Write an erudite separation of the fable.   I commend you use the aftercited outline: Paragraph One: Introduce the fable and clear-up what you are going to do.  Be abiding to comprise a thesis. Paragraph Two: Irritate topic.  Remember to avow the topic as a phrase that makes purport asunder from the fable.  (When you are planning, be abiding to fine your figure concurrently after a while your topic so that you can combine them later.) Paragraph Three: Irritate contrast.  Be abiding to discourse when, where, humor and cultural tenor. Paragraph Four: Irritate plot: Do NOT do a retelling of the fable!  Identify eminence action, less fights (3), one elder fight, object, reversion action (optional), and separation. Paragraph Five: Irritate object of end.  Be abiding to absolve your fineion after a while examples and quotes from the fable. Paragraph Six: Irritate toneization.  This accomplish be a desire portion if you do it well-behaved.  Pick one tone to irritate and establish the aftercited: round/flat, static/dynamic, epiphany? and alien toneization.  There are five things to appear for respecting alien toneization: 1. How the tone appears/dresses, 2. How the tone acts, 3. How the tone speaks/vocabulary use, 4. The tone's retired thoughts and feelings, and 5. How other community manage that tone.  Be abiding to produce examples from the fable to patronage everything you say. Paragraph Seven: Irritate taunt.  Look for examples of oral, situational and tinsel taunt, but they may not all be confer-upon in your fable. Paragraph Eight: Irritate figureism.  Clearly establish the figure and what it represents.  Justify your fineion after a while details from the fable, and then argue the author's scope by clear-uping how the figure patronages the topic.  This accomplish import your separation unmeasured divergence. Paragraph Nine: Give the fable an overall evaluation.  Discuss who would approve the fable and why, and who would not approve the fable and why.  Discuss circumlocution, and any weaknesses you noticed in the fable.   Final thoughts: This is a blog support, so it is a good-tempered-tempered proposal to furnish a delineate that relates to the fable and sets the humor for your separation.  This is a authoritative support, so use a inferiorer font, although not so inferior that I deficiency to dilate my shade so that I can peruse it.  There is no vocable reckon minimum--do a powerful job, and you accomplish not deficiency to plague about the vocable reckon.