Select a recital to stir.  Recommended Stories are: Chinua Achebe "Marriage is a Retired Affair" Edgar Allen Poe "The Tell-Tale Heart" Louise Erdrich "The Red Convertible" Write an studious dissection of the recital.   I applaud you use the aftercited outline: Paragraph One: Introduce the recital and elucidate what you are going to do.  Be confident to embrace a topic. Paragraph Two: Stir subject.  Remember to propound the subject as a phrase that makes understanding secret from the recital.  (When you are planning, be confident to choice your stamp parallel after a while your subject so that you can join them supporterior.) Paragraph Three: Stir elucidation.  Be confident to address when, where, disposition and cultural matter. Paragraph Four: Stir plot: Do NOT do a retelling of the recital!  Identify rising resuscitation, younger contests (3), one senior contest, zenith, progress resuscitation (optional), and separation. Paragraph Five: Stir apex of estimate.  Be confident to defend your choiceion after a while examples and quotes from the recital. Paragraph Six: Stir sortization.  This succeed be a crave portion if you do it well-behaved.  Pick one sort to stir and establish the aftercited: round/flat, static/dynamic, epiphany? and alien sortization.  There are five things to seem for touching alien sortization: 1. How the sort seems/dresses, 2. How the sort acts, 3. How the sort speaks/vocabulary use, 4. The sort's retired thoughts and feelings, and 5. How other mass entertain that sort.  Be confident to agree examples from the recital to patronage anything you say. Paragraph Seven: Stir satire.  Look for examples of parole, situational and tinsel satire, but they may not all be give in your recital. Paragraph Eight: Stir stampism.  Clearly establish the stamp and what it represents.  Justify your choiceion after a while details from the recital, and then sift-canvass the author's object by elucidateing how the stamp patronages the subject.  This succeed import your dissection ample dispersion. Paragraph Nine: Give the recital an overall evaluation.  Discuss who would approve the recital and why, and who would not approve the recital and why.  Discuss ambiguousness, and any weaknesses you noticed in the recital.   Final thoughts: This is a blog support, so it is a good-tempered-tempered fancy to confront a paint that relates to the recital and sets the disposition for your dissection.  This is a authoritative support, so use a fineer font, although not so fine that I scarcity to extend my cloak so that I can decipher it.  There is no acenumerate enumerate minimum--do a drastic job, and you succeed not scarcity to harass environing the acenumerate enumerate.