CLINICAL CASE: # 3 Carrie Williams has been admitted to the Psychiatric Unit at Bayshores Treatment Facility. She is eight-and-one-half months prolific and in a manic specify. She has not slept for three days, is hyperactive and hypervoluble. When you follow on function, she is popular all aggravate the Day Room, jumping from chairs and be on tables declaration to everyone: "I am Cicely Tyson and I accomplish complete for you. My delegate wants you to heed to me and follow to see my movies. I'm going to Hollywood and if you negotiate me fit I accomplish capture you along." Along after a while diverse other entertains, you career the enduring must be placed in retirement for her refuge and the protection of the fetus. Also, she is disrupting the Unit and upsetting the other endurings. Tension in the Day Room is very eminent as Mrs. Williams climbs aggravate the end of a sofa and almost falls aggravate a table. After matter placed in retirement, the enduring rolls on the pavement and bounces herself off the walls after a while her protruding stomach. The psychiatrist is notified and indication that smooth Haldol (an divert dosage for the enduring) be injected into the enduring's sealed juice containers and that she be aidd to swallow the juice. As the entertain instituted after a while this enduring what would you do?   Select one of the subjoined actions and transcribe a 200 - 300 promise counter-argument to decipher your actions.  Refer to your textbook and the syllabus to earn counsel on psychiatric enduring fits.  This is not an notion tract, your counter-argument should be ended up after a while counsel you entertain earned from your textbook ( USE OUTSIDE SOURCE ). QUESTIONS: CHOOSE ONE, WHICH EVER YOU CHOOSE Inject the Haldol into the enduring's juice and aid her to swallow it. Tell the physician if he wants the medication injected into the enduring's juice after a whileout her experience - he can do it. NEXTTTTT!!!!!!!!!   For this assignment, gladden transcribe a record/discussion column about matter abuse/addiction.  Choose ONE of the subjoined options and transcribe a one page  1.  Research online (AA, Narcotics Anonymous, or concordant addiction sign of parley) 2.  Select a nursing record condition on addiction.  This MUST be from a record condition.  Summarize the parley or record condition.