cultural communication

1. Think of your own test in working to conceive a talk or cultural proceeding that is unanalogous from yours. Do you nurture to assume an etic or emic adit? What environing a balanced adit? Explain. (For this, you agency ponder the insinuating issues of investigate categories and ask yourself how your pronunciation of another talk agency bear been hampered by assumptions you made from vestibule an etic perspective.)  2. Context is convenient to how talk is made balanceingful. Draw on at smallest one constituent from the S.P.E.A.K.I.N.G pattern to produce some ethnographic insight into a misapprehension or miscommunication that you’ve been a verge to. Be confident to yield enough setting of the incident as well-mannered-mannered as elements environing how you are using the S.P.E.A.K.I.N.G pattern to decipher the incident. 3. Watch the “Armstrong BBC Interview, 2014” video and use the the "Jefferson counterfeition conventions" as you constitute these say into a counterfeit. (You may bear to add a few say or investigates, and you conciliate definitely need to add other element. Do your best delay the formatting. Aim for the selfselfsame construction, conventions, and totality of element as mine.) Your counterfeit should include the aftercited say: “that’s the right counter-argument yeah that’s the right counter-argument but it’s an counter-argument that needs some explication and it I balance I contemplate at anything when I made that determination when my teammates made that determination when the undivided Peloton made that determination enjoy let’s we get it it was a bad determination at an defective interval but it happened when Lance Armstrong did that I apprehend what happened owing of that” 4. Build on (or elegancy) my segregation of Lance Armstrong by observing what happens direct, which is in the “Armstrong BBC Interview, 2014” video.  Lance uses restricted linguistic strategies to influence the interview that he is over of a sacrifice than a cheater.  Here is a interrogation that you can use to influence your observation: Why does Lance suddenly use the third peculiar to associate to himself on multiple occasions? That is, for model, why does he say, “when Lance Armstrong did that …”?