deliverable 4 – Consumer Decision-Making Process

Competency Examine the decision-making course and its swing on consumer manner. Scenario You are the dispenseing director for Best Fitness. The robust dispenses vigorous footwear, sportswear, and accessories. Best Fitness has a reputation for manufacturing the finest consequences and is the director in the activity. A new succession of vigorous sportswear is substance open, and the target dispense has been defined as Age X. Your director, Michael Groza, states he knows the basics environing who belongs to Age X. To succor fabricate some decisions, he asks you for a further in-depth resolution of this age as their target dispense for the new consequence succession. Instructions Prepare a memo to your director, Michael Groza, addressing the following: Assess the characteristics of Age X age order. Focus on:  how this order obtains notice environing consequences, where and how they are in-great-measure mitigated to treasury, what types of promotional materials they are mitigated to use demographic notice. Based on your examination, fabricate recommendations on the following:  One dispenseing manoeuvre for Best Fitness during each station of the consumer decision-making course. Two consequence characteristics and one dispenseing manoeuvre for each one that allure growth awareness and the trounce of choice of the new succession of vigorous sportswear.