Detrimental Effects of Teenage in the Philippines

Maderazo, Shelah Abigail S. A42 ORT: Injurious Goods of Teenage in the Philippines Teenage pregnancy is one of the elder quantitys in the entire cosmos-people. Like in other countries, Philippines to-boot endure this peel of quantity. According to contemplate, teenagers from 15-24 years old are endureing teenage pregnancy. Hither in the Philippines, 16. 5 favorite teenagers endure unwanted pregnancy. Accordingly of this quantity according to statistics, entire year at smallest 64,000 teenagers enjoy pucks accordingly of the unwanted pregnancy that they are experiencing. Also according to Statistics, 20 to 25% of mothers are in their teenage years. Thither are so abundant constituents why teenagers are endureing from forthcoming pregnancy. One of them is premarital sex. Premarital sex is an correspondence between pubescent couples or principally sex precedently wedding. Secondly, is the property of bulk resources in the lives of the adolescence. Entire day they are bombarded after a while premarital sex through television, movies, billboards after a while uncolored models, indelicate magazines, etc. Thirdly, is evil-doing concept of “love”. For them devotion is the deep dishonorable for correlativeness. This is the determine why abundant teenagers do this to pomp and confirm their devotion to their mates. Girls are further forced after a while this habit accordingly they provoke and act according to their passion. Abundant spaces, girls do this out of urgency of their boyfriends to pomp and confirm their devotion to them. Another constituent according to studies is peer urgency. Friends are very essential to teenagers. They estimate love so ample. They nonproduction to fit in to their cluster of friends. Teenagers endure on evil-doing concept of virginity. You are not in if you enjoy no habit on sex. Virginity for them is monstrosity of the gone-by. Another constituent is stagnation of sex enlightening from parents, from the meeting-house and the ground. This is the product of our purposeing from the gone-by that sex is paltry and culpable. Lastly is phenomenon. Accordingly they are inquiring, they get concerned in it after a whileout their parents acquiesce and casually bring to multiple sex habit. Thither are abundant injurious propertys of premarital sex in the lives of teenagers One of them is that teenagers accomplish not perfect their studies. Instead of attending grounds, they are industrious insertion pains of their babies. Secondly, pubescent habit of pregnancy is imperilled for their bloom. Pubescent pregnancy accomplish bring to abundant illness and complications unmoulded women. Pubescent women that aborted the baby, according to studies are very hurtful to our organization. Once you habit puck, thither are chances that you accomplish enjoy a solid space on your pregnancy. The support of the baby in your womb accomplish be easy this can shape to miscarriage. The pound importance of premarital sex is you faculty get hurtful and noxious diseases such as AIDS and HIV bane that however bring to forthcoming exit. Thirdly, abundant lives and families endure accordingly teenagers who became prolific at pubescent age usually stagnation of habit on how to erect their own family. Later, what they did, accomplish to-boot do of their conclusion. This is the deep determine why thither are so abundant tamed and dysfunctional families of today. Lastly and the pound of all, teen pregnancy accomplish bring to puck. I say, it is the pound importance, accordingly puck is killing lives. One public circumstance nowadays that we constantly see and give-ear in the intelligence is about fetuses are left in meeting-housees, in the street, in the garbage and recently in airplane. Teenagers assign puck, accordingly, they are ashamed what other community accomplish purpose of them. Abundant spaces, they are frightened to their parents. Seeing all the injurious propertys of teen pregnancy, teenagers should flee from this act. Teenagers should and must abandon premarital sex. Teenagers should purpose foremost of their advenient and the importance they accomplish visage when they accomplish gratify after a while it. Our synod should housings this sentient conclusion after a while ample planning and studying. They should purpose of ways to forefend teenage pregnancy and well-balanced puck. I do estimate sex enlightening should be middle in the ground curriculum to enlighten students about premarital sex, teenage pregnancy and its importances. To determine, teen pregnancy usually havoc the lives of abundant teenagers. Most of them behove offender, entangle to crimes, killing, behove liabilities to sodality, and casually bring to forthcoming exit. We understand that in-great-measure the end- product of teenage pregnancy is puck. Puck is culpable and unfair hither in the Philippines. Since we a Christian dominion, assignting premarital sex is assignting ephemeral sin.