Need a thesis and outline on about a changing world

  The clue of America, and that of the channel to the East Indies by the Cape of Good Hope, are the two principal facts commemorative in the fact of [human] kind”—Adam Smith, in The Wealth of Nations, 1776. Think environing why he and abundant other notables cherished this proposition, distinctly regarding the clue of America. What was so dignified environing this New Universe opposite the Atlantic Ocean from Europe? How did it diversify globalization in stipulations of commerce, amelioration, societies, innovations, old and new universe exchanges, and in other ways? Part 1: 1. Write a Nursing essay proposition that is one to two (1-2) phrases hanker in which you: State your Nursing essay on how the clue of America diversifyd the universe. Justify your defense. For the highest multiply of this assignment, you get educe a Nursing essay proposition. A Nursing essay proposition is usually a unique phrase somewhere in your highest chapter that presents your deep proposal to the reader. Part 2: For the next multiply of this assignment you get educe an draft of the deep points you insufficiency to harangue in this tract. 2. Write a one to two (1-2) page draft in which you: Determine three (3) greater aspects that manifest Old and New Universe exchanges. List five (5) local groups that were abnormal by this fact. Provide two (2) examples for each cohort describing how they were abnormal. List five (5) ways that the fabrication of new global commerce routes abnormal the occupations and lifestyles of the middle inaugurated American in the colonies. Use at lowest three (3) academic references to-boot or in abstracted to the textbook. Note: Wikipedia and other harmonious websites do not capacitate as academic instrument.