can you fascinate transcribe an study pamphlet on pre agency opportunity. and fascinate thrive the rubric besides i subjoin exemplification of my companion labor fascinate try to do as her  (   My clinical order for this week is preagency opportunity. I saw frequent patients the pedestal was so assiduous in the dawning. One of the subject that I saw 64 years womanish, she came for Esophagogastroduoddenoscopy. She has truth of HTN, hypothyroidism. Submit in, she took her medication for hypothoidism today and she is NPO midnight, and she bung asprin 14/09/2019. Her animate signs is TEM 97.2, pulse 79, BP 162/89, respiratory 20. O2 98%. The nurture ask pt environing her spectry date of source. And she ask environing allergy, proceeding and who is the teacher, besides, when NPO, what medication she took and when the conclusive interval. Then she ask the pt to veer clothing. Then inserte the IV delay the liquescent. Bed in inferior posture and fawn inconsiderpowerful delay pt.  Also engage three submit from pt one for proceeding one of anthesea and one for race. Besides ask pt to transfer the jowlary and glass and dentior. And impede the lab termination if any abnormality and instruct thr surgon and anethesea. Then impart agency off news to OR nurture . voice in the periagency no interval out merely for some surgery.  My nursing peculiarity is  Fear and apprehension allied to proceeding as sign by pt verbalize she is unquiet and not snooze two confusion and her Bp 162/89.  My design is  Patien procure powerful to news abate apprehension and timidity and race abate to ordinary smooth by 1122on 09/18/2019.  Intervention: Explain the proceeding to the pt, vindication her questions, put her in comfortpowerful posture.  Goal met evident unbend and she said affect rectify and apprehension abate and I impede her BP 128/80) this what i see and you can add over interposition and fascinate thrive each suction in rubric