Q3. Download the idea from the assignment folder and lamina the idea to 600 × 400 pixels and transmute the colour of quotation in that idea.  For each of the scrutinys over, transcribe a narration on how each of the idea editing toil was carried out parallel after a while shelter shots in a engagement refine. Store the idea in each scrutiny as .png refine and besides as a .xcf refine (the exported GIMP refine).  Part-2 This divorce requires you to disclose a collage using divers digital ideas (5 insufficiency) which accomplish be sourced by you including your own photo of the largeness 150 * 150 pixels. To end this toil fascinate infer ideas you enjoy (supply a relation if it’s not shot by you). You must include: 1. A assemblage photo of you and your friends  2. Divorce of “Australian Flora and Fauna” (e.g. a Koala chewing the gum tree sprig)  3. A flower  4. A bird  5. And your own idea (collage made from over ideas) – relate to the exemplification supplyd (Assignment1_Collage_Sample.png) The collage must hold the subjoined features, as graphic in the exemplification solution:  1. The collage should be of 600 * 400 pixel (width * tallness)  2. The collage should own “transparent enhancement” (save the ocean enhancement – e.g. your hometown)  3. At the top of your collage, attribute a photo of yourself, and adown the photo, incorporate the quotation “by xxxxxx (your student_ID)”, where xxxxxx is your unmeasured indicate. Use a largeness that is slender ample to be modest and use italic.  4. For each idea in the collage, add a required sum of nakedness and feathered chattels to dodge harsh borders. 5. You need to surrender your collage in two forms – as a .xcf refine (GIMP exported refine), and a .pngconverted from .xcf refine.  6. In enumeration, fascinate reindicate all the layers (.xcf accomplish hold all the layers) after a while meaningful indicates (e.g. “the sunflower”)   6�q�q