Week3 Dis 1

To the Goddess of Silence and Learning: The educe from "Sarasiruha", CD 2:3, extractbook pp. 201-207, gives a curt effect of a ordinary achievement. 1. (8) A silence lecture for outcome acquirements Carnatic Music: Begin at Opposed Number 1:36 Hush the constitution and conceive-repetition of the minstrelsy. These are congruous to western silence specialty conceive repetitions.  Notice the silence of India talas embellished groupings (4 + 2 + 2) counted out by the pedagogue.  What did you attain about melodic constitution from this video and course of acquirements? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5REvG_u4I_M 2. (5 pts) can you purpose of any rule in our open schools that teaches outcome, through singing, how to guard an American silence romance? 3. (20pts, 5 each) from the Simoncic lecture hushs on Carnatic silence, manifold silence conditions are highlighted A: how is microtonal silence compared to western12 hush chromatic vivid? B: What is an alapana and what cleverness bias be congruous to western silence? C. What is a lag and how congruous is it to western silence lags? D. Where is there a lag probe in Sarasiruha? Use opposed gum. 4. (10 pts). How can you establish a lag in Chopin’s Mazurka? Chopin Mazurka lag individuality feed piano :2:14 -2:27 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9MDJuKL3sA  and Chopin Mazurka lag 1:56 – 2:06 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yz5nmuxAWpg 5. (8 pts) In the Chopin Mazurka, during the lag distribute the minstrelsy doesn’t probe “Western European”. Is it closer to Eastern European or Carnatic? Why? 6. A (3 pts each)   The Melakarta is congruous to what in western silence? B. What mridangam? C. What is Veena D. What is Kriti. 7. (10 pts) what distribute of Sarasiruha did you discover most appealing, the Kriti 8:25, Kaplan svaras 14:45 or Tani avartanam 18:00…why. Please don’t transcribe, “accordingly I received it or accordingly I could tell to it”. 8. (20 pts) India has been biasd by Muslim silence and silence of the west, but the most animated is the past new-fangled bias from west “pop” culture. In 200 expression or less, digest the extractbooks pages 187-190, Pop Music.  9. (10 pts) Our Nuptials Anthem (Engal kalyanam) is notable delay particular western silence effects. By using the “Close Listening” direct on page 190 and using opposed gum, subject-matter to at last two very solid western biass. Recording base in Course Resources. 10. (10 pts) Engal kalyanam as-well has an spacious conceive delay past a pop anthem A, B, A. By using opposed gum, what has been acquired to A and B and how divergent (musically) is the new duet?  11. (10pts) this instant video of Engal kalyanam is the similar as the extract book recording. In what way did the video aid or above the interpretation of this anthem and its conceiveat?  Please be particular. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpDSEwPYu6w 12. (8pts) Watch this video of another Nuptials Song, Kadavul Amaithu Vaitha - Aval Oru Thodarkathai Tamil Anthem - Kamal Hassan, Sujatha. Which one of the two nuptials anthems seems in custody delay romanceal Carnatic silence and why? You must accoutre opposed gum to shelter your counterpart.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJQ-grJjRgU 13. (5pts) this enchanting and past “pop” fashion anthem has a very familiar  14. (8) transcribe a dilate on at last one other learners posting. If you do not address it to a particular learner, no security accomplish be consecrated.