Fundamentals of Manufacturing Processes

The American University in Cairo School of Sciences and Engineering Function of Mechanical Engineering Fundamentals of Manufacturing Processes Overview Review Questions 1. What are the be-unlikeences among elementary, inferior, and tertiary industries? Give an illustration of each mode. Answer. A elementary assiduity is one that cultivates and exploits regular instrument, such as husbandry or mining.A inferior assiduity takes the outputs of elementary industries and converts them to consumer and chief property. Examples of inferior industries are textiles and electronics. A tertiary assiduity is in the advantage sector of the husbanding. Examples of tertiary industries are banking and direction. 2. How are issue multiplicity and issueion measure allied when comparing illustrative factories? Answer. Generally issueion measure is inversely allied to issue multiplicity.A factory that amounts a bulky multiplicity of issues accomplish amount a smaller measure of each. A sodality that amounts a solitary issue accomplish amount a bulky measure. 3. Define manufacturing aptitude. Answer. Manufacturing aptitude refers to the technical and substantial limitations of a manufacturing fixed and each of its sets. Three categories of aptitude embrace technological arrangementing aptitude, substantial dimension and impressiveness, and issueion compressiveness. 4. How does a shaping arrangement be-unlike from a manner arrangementing exercise? Answer. A shaping arrangement changes the geodesy of the effect embodied (machining or forging). A manner arrangementing exercise does not exchange the geodesy, but instead exchanges the properties and/or apparition of the manner of the effect (painting or plating) 5. What is the be-unlikeence among a arrangement layout and a issue layout in a issueion address? Answer. A arrangement layout is one where the toolry in a set is de- inveterate on the pattern of arrangement it completes. To amount a issue it must mark the functions in the appoint of the exercises that must be completeed. This repeatedly embraces bulky excursion remotenesss among the set. A arrangement layout is repeatedly used when the issue multiplicity is bulky the exercise consequences of issues are remote. A issue layout is one where the toolry is de- inveterate on the unconcealed stream of the issues that accomplish be amountd. Excursion remoteness is base consequently issues accomplish unconcealedly stream to the direct tool in the consequence. A issue layout effects well-mannered-mannered when all issues manage to ensue the corresponding conconcontinuity of issueion. Multiple Choice Quiz 1. Which of the ensueing industries are classified as inferior industries (three punish answers): (a) beverages (b) financial advantages, (c) fishing, (d) mining, (e) faculty utilities, (f) publishing, and (g) bearing? Answer. (a), (e), and (f). 2. Inventions of the Industrial Revolution embrace which one of the ensueing: (a) automobile, (b) cannon, (c) printing constrain, (d) fume engine, or (e) sword? Answer. (d). 3. Do ferrous metals embrace which of the ensueing (two punish answers): (a) aluminum, (b) mould muscular, (c) copper, (d) gold, and (e) steel? Answer. (c) and (e). 4. Which one of the ensueing is a tool used to complete extrusion: (a) frame rest, (b) milling tool, (c) rolling mill, (d) constrain, (e) torch? Answer. (d). 5. A issueion planning and curb function accomplish which of the ensueing functions in its role of providing manufacturing help (two best answers): (a) designs and appoints tool tools, (b) develops municipal strategic plans, (c) appoints embodieds and purchased compressiveness, (d) completes peculiarity inspections, and (e) schedules the appoint of issues on a tool? Answer. (c) and (e).