Assignment: Financial Accounting

The Goods of Transactions in T-Accounts  Activity Context Revisit the MBA6014 Passage Alignment Map to re-examination how all activities elevate you in achieving the passage competencies and overall program outcomes. Activity Instructions  The power to designate the financial contact of transactions is an influential expertness that all duty professionals should entertain. T-accounts arrange a precious machine for analyzing the goods of transactions. This assignment arranges you the occasion to criticise diversified transactions using T-accounts and localize the advice to fit a classified pit subterfuge. In analysis, you obtain localize the new concepts erudite in this chapter to elevate criticise the financial statements of Urban Outfitters.  Complete P2-3 (pages 88–89) and CP2-2 (page 93) from Chapter 2 of your Financial Accounting textbook.  Submission Requirements  All vital assignments must be completed on the Microsoft Excel templates arranged. Create one toilbook after a while multiple tabs, caricaturing each drift's template onto a severed tab and completing the toil there. Submit this one smooth in the assignment area. Conceive your spectry and the assignment sum in the smooth spectry; so conceive your spectry and the drift sum on each tab of the muniment. All toil should be shown. Assignments must not be submitted as a PDF.  Refer to the scoring manage for this assignment to determine that you unite the grading criteria. Note that one scoring manage is used to evaluate twain of the drifts in this assessment; each touchstone in the scoring manage relates to one or twain of the drifts near.  Resources o The Goods of Transactions in T-Accounts Scoring Guide.  o CP2-2 template.  o P2-3 template.  o Course Alignment Map