European Union Dissertation Topics: Integration, History, Framework & Law

1. Introduction This direct is intentional to communicate suggestions and insights about potential themes connected to the con-over of the European Union (EU). In open, the con-over of the EU can be separated in diverse areas – truth, assumption, economic integration, extension, law, policies, institutional framework and alien kinsmen. This inadequate direct has attempted to clothe subjects of all of these areas, and to arrange sensational and challenging titles for undergraduate as polite as shaftgraduate tyros. In open, dissertation for EU studies can couple a abnormity of lore methods, and the format may diversify according to the lore favor of your monograph. A association of original and inferior sources is potential as polite, which depends on the excellent of your theme and your methodology. 2. Categories and suggested themes 2. 1 Truth of European Integration 2.1.1The Maastricht Treaty and the new challenges for the third shaft of the EU 2.1.2EU unbelief in Britain and its impression on EU integration 2.1.3The gist of the Single European Market – Who Won and Who Lost(the tyro can adopt a country, or a collocation of countries to use as subject con-over throughout the dissertation). 2.1.4 The Treaty of Lisbon and the new magnitude of EU institutional reform 2.2 Theories of European Integration 2.2.2 Intergovernmentalism versus federalism: the advenient of the EU as a regional system-maker 2.2.3 Europeanization, European oneness and its parameters: a relatively con-over of Greece and Portugal (or any other two countries, does not entertain to be a relatively con-over necessarily) 2.3 EU institutional framework 2.3.1 Battling the EU popular deficit: Parliamentarization of the EU institutional framework 2.3.2 Voting and decision-making reforms of the Council of Ministers: Implications for the European alien system (or any other system, for sample the CAP, CFP) 2.3.3 The European Commission: problems of accountability and legitimacy 2.4 EU Policy-making 2.4.1 EU and coeval challenges to environmental sustainability (close you can adopt nuclear weapons or global warming) 2.4.2 Italian Migration in the European Economic Community and its domiciliary impression 2.4.3 The Reform of the CAP and the Single Farmers Scheme: Neo-liberalism re-examined 2.4.4 Common Fisheries System and the Problem of Conservation 2.4.5 The role of women in EU politics – a closer observe at the institutions (test how the EU institutional framework allows or discourages the free-trade of women). 2.5 EU Enlargement 2.5.1 The EU extension and the prospects of EU economic advenient – the German perspective (or any other country’s perspective, France and the UK would be sensational) 2.5.2 The impression of Turkey’s contortment on the EU institutions 2.5.3 The Eastern Extension and EU settlement system – the subject of Romania and Bulgaria 2.5.4 Croatia in the EU: the gregarious implications 2.6 EC law 2.6.1 National parliament versus EEC parliament – the change of EU law aftercited the Van Gend End Loos subject (or Costa versus ENEL) 2.7.2 The Factorame subject and the manifestation of UK sovereignty 2.7 EU economic integration 2.7.1 European economic integration and its implications for the recent success state 2.7.2 The Greek Challenge for European Economic integration 2.7.3 The Eurozone – gregariously or economically challenged? 2.8 EU in interdiplomatic kinsmen 2.8.1 The European Union in the shaft Cold War era: a transition to Common Alien and Security Policy 2.8.2 The EU as a peace-maker: the EU insinuation in the Popular Republic of Congo 2.8.3 The Lisbon Treaty and is implications for EU alien system 2.8.4 Divergent concepts of power: similitude among EU and NATO’s copy in alien affairs (the tyro can adopt a point combat or manifestation, wclose twain organizations entertain been concerned). How to Edifice an EU Dissertation For details on how to edifice an EU dissertation, neighborly cohibit out the aftercited shafts: How to Edifice a dissertation (chapters) How to edifice a dissertation (chapters and subchapters) How to edifice a dissertation lore design