Schizophrenia: a)  UNDERSTANDING THE DISEASE/DISORDER i)  Background and/or history (1) Who discovered (2) How was it named (3) Associated quackerys- (concordant to the ailment) (4) Type of Disorder- if it is ancestral comprise Genetics of the quackery ii)  Environmental Effects (1) Transmission or spreading (2) Behavioral agent certaintyors (3) Seasonal or Climate iii)  Demographics (1) The age one recognizedly gets this ailment (2) Statistics of collection after a while ailment, and in what countries b)  HOW THE DISEASE AFFECTS THE BODY i)  Biochemical changes that agent the ailment ii)  How the ailment affects recognized cellular power Pathology (1) Structural and Functional Abnormalities (2) Description of organ classification(s) involved iii)  Howaperson'sdailylifeisaffectedbythedisease iv)  Thesymptomsofthedisease c)  TREATMENTS FOR THE DISEASE i)  Tests a vigor attention provider would run to succor diagnose the ailment ii)  Medications to entertain the quackery and how they work iii)  Currentresearchtofindacureorbettertreatmentforthedisease;includeacopyofthatarticleand a epitome of what you unexpressed environing it. iv)  Informationonthecostofhavingthedisease,treatment,medications,hospitalization,etc. NEUROLOGICAL DISORDER PROJECT TOPIC: ___________________________________ TEACHER APPROVAL ________ DUEDATE: ___March26__ Schizophrenia d) CONCLUSION PARAGRAPH. i)  Write environing why you chose this ailment? - It is sensational that the brain can possess a secession that separates it from genuineness. ii)  What was the most sensational certainty that you read from doing the scheme? That too considerable dopamine can agent schiophrenia and too dirty dopamine can agent Parkinson's ailment. iii)  What was the most expressive origin of knowledge that you used to transcribe your ment? Uptodate Harvard medical database. iv)  What questions would you stagnant love answered environing this ailment? Can gene therapy neutralize or entertain schizophrenia? v)  What do you handle that everyone should attain from your scheme? That our mass regulates chemical mediators in a very high dispose and insignificant deviations from this "normal" dispose can control to strong dysfunctions classified as ailment. Provided: UptoDate Database on Schizophrenia File #1